the facebook block

i’ve blocked my spouse from facebook …again. he just frustrates me so much at times that i feel i can’t subject myself to that kind of explosive and instant anger he inspires in me. i tell him to not do something because it upsets or bothers me, and like a child, he then proceeds to taunt me with it until i react and then he uses it as proof that i over reacted. it’s an endless cycle at times. in spite of my telling him i was angry, he now knows it, because he hasn’t even tried texting me this morning. which is good since i don’t want to argue. and annoys me because all he would have to do is say he was wrong for pushing me once i told him to stop, multiple times. you know what? that’s wrong. i’d still be pissed off with him. the only way he can fix shit is to not do it in the first place because his words of apology mean nothing to me, because they are completely insincere. they mean nothing. they don’t stop him from doing the same thing, over and over again.

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3 Responses to the facebook block

  1. Lavender says:

    That’s what I attempted to tell my own spouse as well. I told him you use that as an excuse for your actions. And it’s not right. Yet he accuses me of pushing blame on others.

  2. willowdot21 says:

    Men are selfish and self righteous shits…. 😐

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