a mans facial hair

there is something that happens to me on a biological level when  i see a man sporting, not just a goatee, but a full fledged lumberjack, groomed beard,  it’s shocking. it’s bold. it’s titillating. it makes me feel naughty and giddy. it makes me need to giggle as i exhale nervously and it makes my tummy flutter. i become instantly aware of him as a male. as an animal. as this big very different animal which is brazenly hairy and wiry and delicious. my imagination is so intense i can feel the scratch of that beard against my sensitive skin. i can visualize it. and my body responds to it in a very female way. ohhh, i arch for it. my lips part, my nipples harden, my pupils dilate and i can feel my labial folds engorging even as i feel the trickle of lubrication begin in hopes of easing his imagined entry into my body.  but it’s not like i am going to say all of that, when he initially asks the question to me. instead he will hear a rather simple, yes. as a matter of fact? i do like your beard. because while he may be able to handle the truth, indeed, absolutely love it in fact, i am positive that type of reply on a first date, at the local coffee shop, may raise a few eyebrows along with some other body parts and we do have to be mindful of how much one reveals on the first date, don’t we?

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3 Responses to a mans facial hair

  1. Very mindful… Complimenting my beard is always a sure way in. Ha.

  2. shalynne says:

    I LOVE facial hair on a guy. For the same reasons as you do. So sexy what they can do with it…

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