first date first impression

it’s disappointing when the cock doesn’t match the man. when you meet someone whose personality works and their cock doesn’t. maybe it’s almost average in length. but the circumference is, well, it’s very, very disappointing. so, you have to make a decision. do you give him more of an opportunity to prove that he can compensate for it? will you let him access your body again, so that he can explore, touch, see and feel your arousal, knowing that you are not going to get satisfaction though penetration and that any attempts at sexual gratification will have to rely on his oral and digital talents, if he has more to his repertoire than what he has already exhibited.

when a man is under endowed, it is his responsibility, to give his absolute best, his most stellar performance, during that initial interaction. because most women do not allow a second, first chance. why be disappointed twice? and most normal adult women understand that a first encounter may not be his best performance as an aroused man with a new partner, may not be able to attain 100% control. women get that. and while it may be tempting to lay back and experience HER arousal and attention, it’s almost guaranteed to ensure you don’t get a repeat performance, because you are then classified as a lazy or selfish lover, on top of having a small cock.

is that really the impression you want to give? does getting a pussy once, and putting the effort into getting it, mean that you are fine with the ‘once only access’ because you intend on moving on anyway? seems like a waste of time and effort. a waste of hunting resources. i never really understood the whole excitement of a one night stand, especially after weeks of communication leading up to it, with an expectation of something that lasts beyond the initial encounter. but to be honest, regardless of what the intention was, when you have a small penis, you simply have a bigger responsibility to please a woman in alternative ways, before you gain your satisfaction. if you fail with that, then you really aren’t a very good lover and women will not want to fuck you, beyond that initial encounter, if she allows it at all, upon discovering your size.

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18 Responses to first date first impression

  1. kdaddy23 says:

    Which is probably the reason why some women want to know how big it is – or isn’t – before that first time ever happens. It again makes me ask which thing is really, horribly, and terrible important: A long, thick dick that has the potential to wreak havoc internally (but fill you to overflowing) or an “average” one that its owner can use – with other things – to make your mind and body sing with delicious pleasure?

    If his personality initially turns you on, why not see how that personality drives his ability to use whatever dick he does have? I trust and hope, my dearest Rouged, that you’re not one of those women who says, “He made me cum several times but I didn’t enjoy it!” or a woman who decides that because his dick isn’t 9″x6″ he’s not worth a second time no matter how much pleasure he delivered.

    Yes, y’all want what y’all want and the way you want it… but if there are women out there wondering why they’re not getting laid as much as they want to, maybe it’s because they’re rejecting potentially great sex due to the lack of a preferred size or maybe even think that if it ain’t long and thick enough, its owner lacks the ability to please. If such women bed a man who’s only 6″x5″ and feels unsatisfied no matter what he does, maybe it ain’t him – it’s her and that she’s too jaded to allow herself to enjoy any sex, too dependent on size and girth because she’s bought into the half truth that bigger is always better – but then will complain and deny that second time because bigger doesn’t always mean better.

    It’s a damned shame that so many men get dissed because of something he had no say in or control over, suffering and enduring prejudice and humiliation because of the way his genes came together; y’all blame him for his lack of size when it’s his parents you should blame for having a dick that doesn’t meet your standards. Let me know how that worked for ya…

    Has anyone ever dissed you over the size of your clit? Would you be bothered by that or bitch slap the guy for being childish and insist that despite a barely visible clit, your pussy is still the bomb shit and then tell him that if he doesn’t want it, it’s his loss?

    Just saying. I adore you… but you make me nuts at times and I don’t have a little dick…

    • rougedmount says:

      not blaming him for dick size…but i the reality is i DID expect more sexually from him, especially when he said all the right things, beforehand. I felt like bait and switch happened. Which pisses me off.

  2. Brandisissy says:

    My wife is disappointed in my penis and consequently enjoys other men. Your post is very true. Thank you for being honest.

  3. Chris says:

    Trust is the lifeblood of every human relationship. Having a small penis is strike one, not his fault. Not disclosing it at an appropriate time and in an appropriate way is strike two, totally his fault if he pursues sexual contact. Failing to make the proper effort to compensate for the physical deficiency of a small penis by other imaginative means responsive to her needs is strike three. He’s not worthy of trust, and he’s out. You’re so right, and so direct in saying it.

    I know from the experience of being a significantly under-endowed man, and I’ve failed to earn that repeat performance, another trip to the plate, from time to time. I’ll always be something of a sexual curiosity, a story to tell, but I’d like the word “overachiever” to be part of that story.

    • rougedmount says:

      i agree that part of that story should definitely have the words ‘over achiever’ in it as well. “effort”. when a man puts forth effort, then the size of his cock becomes statistically insignificant when compared to the sensations he pulls forth from her because of his efforts. a cock is part of a man…not the whole…and as such when he relies on it for the sole purpose of sexual interaction, he is missing the majority of the interaction a woman looks for, before insertion. That being said, ALL men need to recognize that a small minority of women (20%? i believe) achieve the majority of their orgasms through penetrative sex. That means a mans cock size is and will always be an issue for them. They have to be honest with their partners and offer the dildo alternative to them and ensure it gets used ‘before’ he is allowed penetration, otherwise a lack of control may result in her being sexually dissatisfied. If a man is not aroused by this, or feels slighted or embarrassed by it, then they are simply not a good sexual match. A man can not change his penis size, but he can change his efforts at pleasing a woman sexually and his attitude about having a smaller than average penis.
      The best lover I ever had was average in cock size and was by far the most brilliant and magnificent stallion who has ever graced my bed and blessed me with his insane libido.

  4. Nasty old cow, really. Notice this post is all about YOUR needs, YOUR wants, YOUR desires.
    YOUR only willing to give a small man ONE chance to “PROVE HIMSELF to YOU.

    Really? Are you that amazing men only get one chance, then you discard them? Growup.
    That’s not how it works. You’re right, one night stands seem to be a waste of time.

    Maybe find a world were men tattoo their penis size to their forehead, otherwise maybe try fall in love with the whole package.

    Good day. 🙂

    • rougedmount says:

      You are aggressively rude and don’t understand the difference between “your” and “you’re”. Clearly you have an inferiority complex and sexual insecurities to attack someone based on their sexual preference as well as their demand for honest communication. Some people are simply not a good sexual match. A man can not change his penis size, and some women require penetrative sex for orgasm. A man ‘can’ change his efforts at pleasing a woman sexually as long as the women is honest about her needs. If he states he can fulfill them and then clearly is not able to, it means he lied to get sex, which makes him an ass-shat and is absolute Bullshit. Ans yes. I write first person just as you are capable of doing. I’d recommend you use auto correct before posting.

    • Chris says:

      Penis-size preference as a factor in sexual selection is present in all 2 million years of human evolution, including the over 900,000 years following our upright-walking ancestors’ loss of most body hair during which hominids were completely nude. No need for a tattoos – wearing clothing that conceals the genitals is a relatively recent development. Regardless of your own stature or penis size, posting such an offensive comment discloses you to be a “a small man”, as you say, and a small person. Who would so inarticulately deny another’s clearly-stated and sensible preference? Only a small man would do that.

      • rougedmount says:

        fucking love you Chris, for jumping to my defense. And to be fair (here I go with the double edged sword again) Penis size, specifically having a small one is not an issue as long as the man accepts it, owns it and uses it in the effective manner which women need to achieve sexual satisfaction. And that whole thing is negotiated between the two as to what works for them personally. The best male lover in the world with the most perfect of cocks, is completely useless to a woman who experiences pain on penetration or is one of the 80% of women who can ONLY attain orgasm through clitoral stimulation. My preference is for honest communication and full disclosure. Unlike breasts and a man gravitating to the sizes he prefers, a woman can not know what a man is endowed with until you are at the place of sexual preparedness. So it’s very different between the sexes. And an experienced lover immediately knows when their partner is not nearly as educated as they are and their abilities are severely disproportionate. The reason that’s important is because a lie occurred, and abilities were severely exaggerated to the point of dismal dissatisfaction. All which could have been avoided had someone been as honest with their abilities as I had been with my needs.

      • Chris says:

        We don’t have to go back pre-history to find you in good company. Marriage and monogamy go back only about 8,000 years, to the first human permanent agricotural settlements as a way of transferring land from one generation to the next. Because, during that time, until very recently, most marriages were arranged, sexual mismatches have been common, and problemmatic. The Kama Sutra, compiled in India between 2,000 and 2,500 years ago based on much older wisdom isn’t a hippie bible or sex manual. It’s ancient folk-wisdom developed over a long period of time and still relevant today. It identifies the two most important factors for “harmony in union” between woman and man: matching sex drive, and matching genital size. It provides solutions for those inevitable mismatches that occur in arranged marriages, or in modern relationships. The worst, least harmonious, union involving genital size is when the penis is significantly small for the vagina. No ideal harmony can be achieved in this situation, but it identifies some positions and activities that make the physical union least bad.

        Absolutely, it’s perfectly natural to seek physical harmony in sexual union, and for genital size to be an important factor in pleasure. Perhaps, I make up for my own under-sized penis by being pleasing in other ways, or by initiating penetration by supplementing what little I have by using an extender sleeve or dildo. Maybe that works, and maybe it doesn’t. However, if I claim to be hung or skilled in ways that I am not, or believe that a small penis should never be a disqualifier in a sexual relationship, then I’d be not only an inadequate lover to some, but also a jerk to all.

      • rougedmount says:

        I can handle a small penis…I can not handle a small man.

      • but I guess I can forgive myself for feeling small. After all, with such a burden placed of being “stellar,” someones preference is that person be “amazing” with no second chance. I guess I’ll need to find someone who loves me, so someopne elses dissapointment would not be mine, but then again what would I know, I’m just a small man.

      • rougedmount says:

        I’m not 20. I have no desire to teach a man how to perform sexually And no second chances to people who lie.

      • Sounds like a chicken and the egg to me. Perhaps I understood this post on the wrong foot. Are you just talking about casual sexual encounters?

        Because specifically with dating, imagine setting your bar extremely high. You have X preference met, that be a physical attribute, or the person must have stellar performance. If everyone person had this mentality, males approaching sex and dating and untimately relationships will be operating from a position of inferiority. Which is the chicken/egg scenario. They need practice (so sex) to perform, but they need to be “stellar” and openly tell persons they are stellar to perform.

        I at least don’t think dating works like that, and I can’t see that ever being a priority 500,000 years ago.

      • Maybe also something to consider.
        I personally am insecure regarding aspects of sex, though I see that being used as an insult which is unfortunate. But if you play with the idea that the personality matches, and maybe the other likes your personality. The coming togeather of sex sometimes entails sensitivity, vulnerability and anxiety and excitement.

        I would like to think if I really enjoyed spending time with someone they would not be such a harsh critic when it comes to engaging in an activity trickles and spashes of vulnerability.

        So you say you have no desires to teach a man how to perform sexually. You’re allowed that. It seems to close doors to the formation and experience of a journey, or a pilgrimage of discovery. After all, isn’t sex about exploring, learning?

      • rougedmount says:

        Your insecurities have nothing to do with either myself or the potential partners you may have. You own them. They developed over the past sexual experiences you accumulated with stable or incidental partners. Either experience can either boost or harm your perception of yourself. But is not the single deciding factor as to the type of lover YOU are or became as a result of your involvement with them.

        Poor performance? Then what did you do to educate yourself on how to please a woman? Read anything? Research anything? Or did you simply carry forward as you had in the past, which is counter productive to improvement, or worse, did you rely on porn to give you an idea on what to do, even though i am positive it would not have related to your personal experience as someone who had insecurities about size. if nothing else it would have reaffirmed your insecurities or pushed you towards the fetish side of sexuality in regards to endowment or lack thereof.

        I am telling you. Point blank. As a woman (because I am one) that I have experienced the full spectrum of sexual experiences provided to me by heterosexual men with various endowments ranging from 3 to 11 inches. From thin cocks to thick. Various ethnicity and age range. I can state with confidence, that SIZE matters. And the size which is perfect for one woman will not be for another. Because there is disparity and diversity, it is important that when you are in a relationship with someone, that BOTH partners make sexual satisfaction a priority, by any means necessary. To fail that is a disservice to them and yourself. If the sexual contact is brief, a casual encounter, then it is absolutely imperative that honesty is at the forefront. If you say you are well endowed and experienced, it is not hard to figure out you lied once sexual congress is underway. As a woman, I can not lie about my breast size or weight. You will notice BEFORE sex happens and you can decide if my lying is a deal breaker before sex. I would have to wait until a man is hard to call things off. Which is why I am calling men out who lie.
        teaching someone what pleases you inside of a relationship, is expected.
        Finally, when you ‘like’ someone. Really like them. Then you work with what you have because you want what your partner has as your own. The biggest issue is to not be a lazy lover. Women hate it. And penis size has nothing to do with laziness.

  5. I conceded my initial comment was rude and not acceptable. I’m glad you understand that that says more about myself (insecurities, fears etc) that it does about you.

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