use me hard

i was waiting for him, naked in bed, when i heard him come into the house, by the unlocked front door. he took off his shirt. he undid his pants. his erection was tenting the boxer briefs. i’ll never get tired of his touch. he inflames me.kisses, searching mouth, sliding hands over bare skin. i was urgent and he met my mood and gave me what i needed, have been longing for.

he took me hard, would allow no respite. pinned me, constantly played with me, had me crying out, desperately pushing his arm away, as if my feeble attempts could actually do anything to move him away from his intent, which was to pleasure me. to make me take it. he fucked me hard because i needed it. he made me forget everything but his hard body and his hard cock.and that i was a woman and needed this.

holding me after; pulling me into his side, gently kissing my lips, my forehead, my cheek. makes me come back from where he takes me. he calms my shaking body, easing me as he excited me and i respond to it in the exact same manner. I can’t exist without this. I’ve tried and it doesn’t work. He works. And I still feel him, though he’s been gone for hours. And will for days to come.

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