guns aren’t for hunting people


The United States has some serious issues surrounding guns. Access to them, belief people should legally own them or have them, regardless of the legality of it. People using them ~all the fucking time~. Cops trained to shoot first because of experience, need to, then investigate second. People using them on each other like it’s one big water fight at a community park; except the issue is they have real guns and real bullets.

I don’t give a shit about the 2nd amendment. Sorry. I don’t care about Government conspiracy issues and protecting the people from the perceived corruption of the Government they elect. I don’t care about people screaming racism when a white person kills a black person, when the majority of violent gun crime is black on black and I don’t care about white privilege.

I’m a mother. I care about someones child, adult or not, needlessly dying. I care about an education system that is failing and not teaching that ALL life has value. I care about poverty and low income earners having babies they can’t financially support which is breeding systematic poverty and perpetuates the types of separateness which happens with class division. It’s not racial division at all, as poor white people have the same issues as poor black people.

Racism is real. You’d have to be some kind of stupid to not recognize that truth. But it can only exist in a place where people are uneducated and the majority live in poverty. Poverty is a way to keep the masses under control. People busy fighting and killing each other, rarely have time to focus on the Governments which serves the elite and results in monumental profits which never make it’s way through the system to support those who support the elite.

I’m a white heterosexual woman. I’ll never understand the reality of the black perspective. Just like I’ll never understand it from the male point of view, or of a gay/bi person. My view comes from my reality. But I respect the views of others and want to know and understand them. My personal belief on just about everything, is actually pretty simple:  it’s that we are all petals of the same flower. All are needed to make a flower what it is; there are so many shades on the same flower, some are perfect, some are bent, some are discolored, some fading as they die, some new as they are created. All part of the same thing.

The United States are horribly divided. And it is breaking my heart to watch it or hear about it. I want to scream “fix the fucking problem”, but we all know it’s not that simple. Maybe it would it be better to have black cops patrolling black neighborhoods right now. Is it cops in general that black people distrust or would they react better to black cops? Seems like a quick and temporary fix while the country decides as a whole how they are going to handle the mess the country is in. But the issue is nothing gets solved. You just keep killing each other with guns, in record numbers.

Statistically, when you look at race when it comes to crime and imprisonment, you see a disproportionate number of black people committing the crimes and being jailed for it. Why? There are studies after studies done about it and I am not posting the figures or citing links. Do the research and take equity courses or social structure courses, in University. The reality is, white collar crime and blue collar crime are treated differently and harsh sentences are given for minor infractions. The reality is poverty does not allow for the majority of people to move from blue collar crime into white collar crime. And the majority of those in the US living in poverty are black or of color.

So why have black people not figured it out, that to get out of poverty they have to access the free education given to them and all residents and stop committing petty crimes which give unjust and harsh punishments because of a legal system which is designed to keep the majority, regardless of race, as submissive workers keeping the elite in power and making money?

I don’t see Americas gun violence and race issues being about that at all. I see it as the corporate elite who want to keep people uneducated and in poverty as a means of controlling them. And they use their behaviour when they rebel against them as proof that they are unmanageable and deserved the punishment they get, created by the lack of opportunity that comes from poverty .

Women need to stop having babies they can not care for and putting them into a system which does not support them or care about their families needs. If a woman has 4 kids by 4 daddies by the time she is 22, it’s safe to say her life for the next 20 years will not be about educating herself, it’s about raising her children and trying to provide for them on her own.

Governments rely on that to keep her voice silent and to keep her from participating as an equal for change which needs to happen. It is long overdue and your country is at a critical point in history.

Two parents who love each other and who wanted kids can barely make it through raising them through the difficult journey from babies to productive adults. The same task is ‘almost’ impossible for a single parent and becomes harder when you increase the number of kids involved. The color of the family has nothing to do with it. The more kids you have the less opportunity they get. And this will keep the cycle of poverty forever moving forward.

I am saddened and disgusted by the shootings in the States. I can’t imagine not changing gun laws the same day a shooter enters a school and kills classrooms full of children, regardless of your position on having them for civil rights. I can not watch another video of a white cop shooting a black man, because of fear. Fear that the black man will be like the majority of the other black men who are in prison, who are carrying a concealed weapon and who will use it.

Black people fear Police and Police fear black people. People fear the Government and fear the removal of their rights and they are willing to let their children die to keep the rights which are allowing easy access to the guns which kill the people they love. The Government fears changing laws because they do not want to end poverty and they want to keep the masses uneducated and they want to get re-elected.

When will Americans realize that the rich are getting richer on their backs and do not care if you keep killing each other off, as long as you show up for your minimum wage job, if you are lucky enough to have one, so their companies can keep rolling in record profits and their elite keep getting elected into office?

America’s division of wealth is becoming greater, with more and more people falling from the middle class into poverty. It is resulting in more crime with harsher sentencing. The end result is chaos where people are killing each other, like rats do in an over crowded and stressful environment. Your entire country is like a 3rd year lab experiment set up for a psychology course on how to incite violent and deviant behaviour.

It’s time to wake up and deal with your shit before the Government legislates more and more restrictions which make things worse and exacerbate the very real issues which are facing your country, because they don’t actually want them fixed because it would negatively impact their finances to do it. And corporate greed is fueling and creating, the race issues your country is having. At least that’s what it looks like as an outsider, who has no player in the game.

But what do I know. I’m just a white, heterosexual woman from Canada.

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10 Responses to guns aren’t for hunting people

  1. A very insightful one.

  2. Jayne says:

    I think your views have statistical reasoning in them but seeing black people as poverty stricken section of American society is only a general view – a broad stroke type of view. In my opinion, it’s the image perpetuated by media and it lacks the level of humanity that it’s going to take to make things better. To me, it’s about us treating each other as flawed human beings who need some level of respectful compassion. NO – I’m not promoting guns nor am I justifying crime nor am I justifying murdering because of fears or hate. It’s going to take nitty gritty self examination on the part of police officers and how they handle their own feelings of “black” civilians as combatants no matter what the situation. The mentality of these officers who are supposed to be trained to handle rash situations with good judgement is flawed. How is that addressed? The truth here in America is that black people cannot trust officers. It’s that simple and it’s separate from statistics of prison population, corporate greed and disparate socio-economic levels between white and blacks. Mixing gun control, race issues, poverty and prison stats brings SOME insight to SOME people but I have to say it isn’t as clear or data driven as I interpreted your perspective to be. I probably misunderstood your perspective. This is nothing less than a clusterfuck of an issue. I probably interpreted wrong because how can you or I bring every relevant point to this issue? There’s such a history in police relations with black people in general throughout this country’s history because of our history of slavery which birthed and has perpetuated a mindset of racial arrogance and blame. Personally, I think that and the long transition of identity – slave owners and slaves alike is at the root of these horrible deaths. Those days of oppression are factually over but some areas of this country are more progressive and open to this change of beliefs and therefore people themselves than others are. Some people are taught better mindsets as children so they grow up seeing possibilities rather than fears. I’m rambling. No one is addressing the question of over-reacting officers making the decision to shoot. That’s where questions and judgements should start, imo.

    • rougedmount says:

      you summed up my opinion perfectly …”nothing less than a clusterfuck of an issue”

      • Jayne says:

        I have to say what gave me hope to quell the discord was seeing a news conference with 2 Rappers. I couldn’t find a clip of the first guy speaking but his words unifying and hopeful to everyone. The 2 rappers created a movement for others to join them for a march to police headquarters and it happened to be graduation day for officers. They both spoke to having conversations and seeing each side. In this city, with our history of police brutality, this was a move in the right direction for both sides and all people involved. I think solutions have to come from the core of the issue – at least they have to start there with the people who are involved. The national news is now aligning the 5 police officer deaths with JFK shooting…with no mention of the 2 men shot which started this racial flare up. May wiser minds prevail and be examples.

  3. Ned's Blog says:

    Clearly, fairly and wonderfully said, RM. I couldn’t agree more — particularly that our division here as a nation is what’s killing us. That, and our inability (unwillingness?) to make the changes necessary to end the cycle of poverty and easy access to guns that allows the cycle killing to repeat itself.

    • rougedmount says:

      it honestly breaks my heart and is very far removed from how i grew up and how i i struggle with understanding it…and to be honest? a part of me is glad i’ve never had to see such ugliness..

      • Ned's Blog says:

        The world needs the perspective of those who don’t understand the motivations behind racism as much as it does from those who do 😉

  4. dandilyonz4u says:

    You don’t know shit. You wrote an epistle and still managed to sound just like fox news. You found a way to blame a man for his own murder. Black on Black crime is why this man was executed by the police. Has any news source confirmed the type of gun that he supposedly had that caused those police men to be so fearful that they murdered Alston Sterling in cold blood, or was it the license that the other cop asked for that scared him so much that he decided to shoot four bullets into a car killing a man who declared that he was armed and license to carry. Was it black on black crime that prevented him from making a proper risk assessment in that when firing in the car like a maniac he could have killed the man’s fiance and his 4 year old child, both of whom weren’t carrying guns? Really Fox New, really. Statistically white people in america commit far more crimes that black people, the police just deals with it differently. when a white boy can get probation for raping a unconscious woman but a black man looks at a woman in a way they think is wrong, he gets maximum sentence for rape. So the real rapist doesn’t make the statistics but the innocent person does. Why do you only ever hear about black on black crime, when whit eon white crime statistics are even greater, how about Hispanic on Hispanic crime, or Asian on Asian crime? Why wont a lion ever be guilty of killing a polar bear? because by nature you kill what’s in your environment, so black people killing black people while competing for meager resources isnt anything extraordinary and deserve to be labelled and be the excuse for police executing a man who was clearly subdued by both of them. If race and the deranged mind past down from slave master to now law enforcer, do explain why black police officers are not out shooting white people out of fear when we are the ones who have a reason to fear you. You were the ones who had us in chains: beating and raping us. Killing us for entertainment, Maiming our dead bodies and sending our dead images around on post cards like its nothing. We are the ones who have something to be afraid of, so do tell me why are you so afraid?

    • rougedmount says:

      “you were the ones?” …sorry…not me and not my people. I have many black /brown friends/family in law enforcement and in the military and I can tell you unequivocally, that their affiliation and affinity to the service, comes before color.
      I blame a government for failing its citizens and who use poverty as a means to control people, all people, not a specific color of people.
      I blame the media for disproportionately reporting and promoting fear mongering and racially biased stories which promote inequality and facilitate fear mongering and intolerance
      I blame a legal system which does not enforce it’s own laws and which does not reprimand or provide consequences to judges who provide unbalanced decisions.
      I’m not black…I can never understand how it feels to be black. It doesn’t matter that I grew up in a racially diverse neighborhood where, I was the minority. It doesn’t matter that the first time I ever saw or witnessed racism was when I was 22 in Florida. it doesn’t matter that I am the very proud aunt of a young black man who I love with all my heart. it doesn’t matter that I am ‘actually’ native, because I look white and identify as white.
      I am afraid. Afraid of ignorance, of intolerance, of uneducated people, of people who make claims of being non racist and yet who don’t speak up when they see a racist act. Silence is acceptance and is permissive.
      I’ve never been silent. I don’t understand the mindset of people who are.
      I grew up in a military family. Guns were in the house. Riffles to hunt with. I was taught from a young age how to fire it and clean it and store it. I am not anti gun. I do however believe NO citizen should have access to military/law enforcement grade weapons.
      I can’t know how it is to be an American, as I am not one. It doesn’t matter that half of my relatives live there and I’ve spent a great deal of time travelling over and through about 40 States. So you are right, I ‘Don’t know shit” about what it’s like to be an American, living in America.
      But I ‘have’ traveled and spent time in over 50 countries in the world and I can tell you with absolute certainty that the racial divide in America is killing the country. It is polarizing people like nothing you see, except in South Africa.
      There were over a million Irish slaves brought to North America in the early 1700’s. People seem to forget that. They were universally hated and used by plantation owners to intermix with black slaves, to lighten skin colors, as those babies fetched higher prices. Have you ever read about that in the mainstream education system. It’s a topic that most people don’t know about, though the material is there if you simply look.
      So the Irish, banded together and started voting themselves into positions of power and started banding en-mass into civil servant jobs. It’s one of the reasons you see so many NYC Irish cops. You can’t oppress a people when your leaders are from the same cultural background.
      But one again, the circle comes back to poverty. How can you climb out of it when a government is actively trying to keep people IN poverty to support their own agenda, which is financial gain?
      Don’t paint me into the same corner as the mainstream news media. That’s not where I belong, regardless of my skin color. You paint me as an adversary, simply because I appear white.
      Maybe I can;t articulate what I want to say. Maybe I am not as militant or outraged as others. But there are too many issues all landing on top of each other to be able to pinpoint any one specific item as the ‘reason’ for what’s happening in America and why so many people have allowed it to continue unchecked, for so many years.
      Canada doesn’t have your problems. We have a culturally diverse country which tolerates and accepts differences, which creates it’s own set of problems. But we in general, don’t carry weapons, concealed or otherwise, unless you are actively hunting, military, law enforcement or a criminal. So our disagreements don’t lead to death. Look at the stats. Even taking population into consideration, the States has a massive issue.
      I can’t offer a solution to how to resolve anything as it’s above my pay grade or level of expertise. My direction to my sons and their friends, to my nephew and his friends is the same when they go out. Stay out of trouble. Keep your mouth shut. Obey law enforcement if stopped NO MATTER WHAT. Because if your rights are violated then we will litigate and get financial compensation for it. I want them alive no matter the personal cost and if they come across someone who has no business being in the job of law enforcement, then they should be aware that the person holding the gun is right 100% of the time, no matter what comes out of their mouth or what their actions are. I’m not losing a child to ignorance and hatred, because they want to stand up for themselves because they know and understand the law. There are minority groups of evil people everywhere. And it’s my job to protect them and advocate for them, just as it’s my job to do the same for others who are being treated in the same fashion. Too many people keep their mouths shut and they are part of the problem. And that’s something Americans need to address and understand. Many are so ethnocentric that they fail to see the world is watching and judging. And with only 10% of Americans holding passports, it means they majority have not been exposed to other cultural practices and don’t understand that the rest of the very big world do not act like Americans do in regards to a majority of the big issues: guns, acceptance of race, gender issues, religious freedoms, acceptance etc.
      It makes me infinitely sad. Because a persons color is beautiful, it’s magical and it should be celebrated for the gift it is. But the issues America has goes far beyond race into the systematic oppression of people through economic means… and it seems many have failed to see or understand that. It’s easier to simply put it down to race, or sexual orientation or gun laws. I think the picture is much bigger and the media is helping the government project their agenda, which is fundamentally divisive.

      • dandilyonz4u says:

        It doesnt matter, Only a certain group of people can witness a cold blooded murder and call it something else. Having black friends doesnt prevent anyoen from being racist.

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