viral kiss

he kisses like he is starving and you are his favorite meal. he is not tentative. his invasion is complete as he uses lips, tongue and movement to make you feel as if there is nothing else he would rather be doing. his hands are on my face, tracing the contours; thumbs brushing cheekbones and the fullness of a bottom lip as he trails kisses across your cheek towards your neck.  his hands tighten at the back of your head as he seeks to increase pressure. he pulls gently so that your neck is arched, his other hand at your jawline to tip your head, just so. and the result is a wonderful mess of readiness, your body begging for him to touch everywhere. nipples that ache for the same type of attention. his kisses are a gateway drug to erotic sensations which course through your body like a virus, burning you with the need to take over and devour you. and i am it’s willing victim.

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3 Responses to viral kiss

  1. Marty says:

    Write more about him

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