things i don’t say

you are a fucking asshole and days like this remind me of why i hate you so much at times. you act like i don’t know what you are doing. yet it is the same song and fucking dance you’ve done every single year for 30 years. it’s not like i don’t know it’s coming. the single surprise here, is that you act like i haven’t seen it before. like i don’t know how you’ll act. which is a fucking lie you tell yourself for a reason i can’t even pretend to fathom.

you leave doing things, which MUST get done by a certain date, to the last minute. then you start with a pissy attitude of resentment and looking to fight with me so you can become offended and storm off in a huff so you don;t have to do the job, leaving it to me. if that fails to work, you ask with affronted innocence and in a baiting manner for me to come see something, or ask where i need something moved, and then you immediately leave the area to go into the house and do something completely non related, hoping that I will get lost in the activity and start cleaning up your mess.

and you hate when i follow you inside. and you get caught and act surprised and self righteous and say something stupid like ‘i was just looking for something’, again unrelated to what we were doing. and so i reply with something as dumb ‘ i came in to wash my hands’, then i don’t go out again right away, i don’t follow you. it takes FOREVER to get anything done this way. with an adult man acting like a bratty 4 yr old. i’d fucking smack you if you were a kid acting this way and tell you you WERE doing it regardless if you wanted to or not.

YOU made the mess and YOU moved everything around and YOU had until tonight to clean it up. THIS is how you choose to spend your last night at home for 12 weeks. Fighting and battling with me over something that should have been done incrementally over the last 8 weeks and you failed to do because it all boils down to the fact that you are so fucking lazy that it would shame a normal man, and somehow you either take or pretend to have, pride in the lack of things you do around the home.

grow the fuck up, and stop being such a manipulative little pussy who can’t do anything right because you are so fucking pathetically useless. go ahead. run home to your mommy now, with immediate memories of how bitchy your wife was because she makes you do things and holds you accountable for your actions and your mommy never did. she certainly didn’t do you any favors by teaching you nothing about how to be a fucking man.



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6 Responses to things i don’t say

  1. Ouch. I feel ya. Infinite frustration and you bite your tongue. It’s exhausting huh?

    Wishing you more peaceful adult centered days. xox

  2. kdaddy23 says:

    Just wow and, please, remind me to never get on your bad side, okay?

  3. Jayne says:

    All I know is that you have to have a tremendous reason for staying married to him. He reminds me of the man I was married to so your words bring back my own memories and reasons. I read your other post about other men in your life so Cheers to them!

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