dreams of kissing

i dreamed of your lips last night.  viewing them from close to your face. i could see their full swell and fine lines. i could feel the softness of them as i rubbed my thumb across your bottom lip, watching the flesh move as i manipulated it. the slight rasp of your whiskers around them fascinates me, arouses me. as i slightly pulled down, your lips slightly parted so that i could see the white of your teeth behind them. your slightly open mouth begging for attention.

i leaned in, licking the corner of your mouth, before using my teeth to lightly bite and pull your full lower lip. and then i lightly kissed it. soft lip and harsh beard; my lips are sensitive to you and i am reacting to the varying sensations. your hot breath mingles with mine and shivers burn a trail from my lips to my lips, both engorging, both wetly swollen and wanting pressure, as i softly kiss and tease you with my mouth.

i can feel the catch of your breath, telling me that you are going to move before i can feel your body shift. your arm is suddenly around my waist, your hand slaps down on the glob of my ass, as it cups then pulls me forward, so that i can feel your erection pressing on my soft tummy. your other behind me, hand holding the back of my head, to press my lips firmly against yours. we softly moan against the others lips

i’ll never get tired of kissing you. the hellos as are good as the goodbyes, without the bittersweet remorse that comes with your leaving.

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