hot tub hot date

i sat naked in the hot tub, under the velvet black night star filled sky and i watched him get undressed, slowly peeling away his crisp shirt with french cuffs and dark dressy jeans. he watched me watching him, and as his cotton boxers came off, i did not even try to avert my eyes. well formed, well endowed and well under way in achieving an erection from simply being viewed by hungry eyes. as he climbed into the water and settled into the heat, i handed him the clear plastic cup with Single malt whiskey on ice.

as we sat and chatted, our bodies brushing in both gentle and purposeful contact, we emptied the drinks so that when we kissed, the flavors of oak and scotch mingled over our lips as we breathed in the others exhaled air. i started stroking his chest, his stomach, his thighs, using the buoyancy of the water to assist me in lifting his ass, as he naturally reclined into my exploring hands, so that i could perch his round ass on my raised and bent knee, so that as i was between his legs, the hard and beautiful expanse of cock surfaced through the heated water and into the coolness of the night air.

i teased him mercilessly; using hands, nose and face, to tease the soft skin of his hard flesh, so that he thrust helplessly into the air, seeking the heat of my mouth for comfort and gratification. both of my hands encircled his thick his shaft, leaving his big plum head exposed for my mouth as i started to milk him with a methodical purpose. i was cruel in teasing him. pushing him to the edge and then leaving him frustrated. i used my hands to massage his ass, dragging my finger down his crack, over his puckered asshole, using a hand to stroke deep into the base of his shaft.

he suddenly pulled away from me, his hard cock sinking beneath the depths of the hot water; he kissed me hard as he put his hands on my shoulders and turned me around and bent me over so that my white ass bobbed in the water in front of him. as he stood behind me, he did not slip into my willing and ready body. he pushed relentlessly. steady force and shallow thrusts which slowly became deeper, allowing my body to stretch and accommodate his thick length. it took effort for his massive and heavy 9 inches to sink balls deep into my wet and slippery pussy.

moaning, quiet gasps. splashing of heated water on cold exposed skin. perfection. full. the heavy sensation of a tightening uterus as a powerful wave of an orgasm twisted everything female inside of me and i arched, desperate for more of what he was giving me. the grasp of his hands on my hips, the sloshing of water and the slow slap of thrusting while partially submerged all combined to push him to the edge of control once he felt me pulling on his cock, as i came hard over his shaft. i was still throbbing when he pulled from me, quickly turned me around and with his hand jerking his cock, came all over my face and lips, painting me with his spunk as i teased and encourage his balls to empty themselves.

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4 Responses to hot tub hot date

  1. Dave says:

    This is about as hot as it gets, rouged! Thanks for the literary date… 🙂

  2. Marty says:

    That’ll teach you! 🙂

  3. Liras says:

    I do love a good good tub session!

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