skull fucked up

as i turned away from him, i slid my hand down his chest, so it slid inside the front band of his underwear, feeling the softness of his short hairs as I grasped the band and used it to pull him forward with me. three steps later, i sank onto the edge of the wide sofa chair we use for reading, beside the fireplace, pulling the front of the cotton down, to expose his small but thickening erection.

i nuzzled my face all over his groin, like a cat at a tables edge, inhaling the musky fragrance of a man who had left at 7 am and worked all day. i ran my moist lips from the base at the side of his cock, up and over to the other, several times, before taking him hard into my mouth. there was no gentle stimulation to arouse and tease him. i started bobbing my head quickly, pistoning his cock down my throat until i gagged.

through slurping and gagging, i fucked his cock with my mouth, demanding that he bruise my throat and stretch my lips. his hands came to my head and as he grabbed fist fulls of my hair, he started thrusting and pulling at the same time. faster and harder he rammed my soft palate until he was well and truly skull fucking my face. the slam of going balls deep was felt against my chin. the gurgling gasps of air and the sloppy sound similar to wet galoshes, was echoing in the silent room.

my eyes were watering like mad. mascara bleeding trails of wet black ink down my cheeks and smearing under my eyes. my hands on his narrow hips, allowing him to guide me, left to grab his balls and pull while squeezing, igniting a fresh wave of vulgarity from his panting and growling voice. I reached between his thighs, to stroke his asshole and grasp his ass, pulling him forward as i pushed him from behind. i was taking all he was doing and silently asking for more.

pressing forward, leveraging up on his toes so that his cock would angle down, I shifted  to satisfy his unasked request. he was now truly throat fucking me deeply, impeding my breathing as i struggled to gasp in between his jack hammering thrusts. i could feel the tension in his body. tight and taunt pushing that last minute to reach his climax as i gagged around his throbbing cock.

he came so hard, demanding through clenched teeth and with a curled lip, for me to swallow it all, to take it, to be a good little bitch for him and not spill a fucking drop. to slurp up that cum. eat it all. like a good little cocksucker. and so i did. and i continued to suck and tease his sensitive post orgasm cock until  he was nicely chubbed up again, through all his gasps and twitching, until his week knees demanded that he sit down.

i kissed his delicious head, licking a final drop from his slit, still holding his cock in my hand before looking up at him with messy hair, makeup ruined and smeared across my wet face. “Thanks for that. I just needed some extra practice before I go away next week on my business trip”. he was on me and in me, kissing me hard, before the words even left the mouth he has just cum in.

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6 Responses to skull fucked up

  1. darkgemdom says:

    In MY world you won’t be going on that “business trip”. But that’s MY world.
    Great story

  2. pantiewearer says:

    You are a true orgasmic woman. Your vivid description of that super oral fuck was beautiful. My wife surprises on occasion by putting “Pop Rocks” in her mouth prior to her oral mastery. Women that enjoy and master the art of oral penis worship are to be worshiped by their husbands. You take “Skull Fucking” to a new elevated level. You are a woman that should be adored and pampered. Great story.

  3. Brandisissy says:

    That’s so primal and erotic! Makes my sissy clit ache.

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