just let me

it’s easy to imagine the things i want you to do to me as you’ve improvised 100 variations of the same act, making it impossible to not dream of more. i hunger for it. in ways that may be hard for some people to understand. it’s perfect. the arousal you stir in me. it’s more than intense. it’s felt in the marrow of my bones and it percolates through me like surface water through limestone; emptying into a vast underwater cavern of silken, hot liquid and humid dark air.

holding your head to my chest, as you suckle on my large areolas and taunt pink nipples, feeling the rasp of your stubble, scratch the delicate pale skin of my breast as you milk the weight of them towards your eager mouth, makes it hard for me to concentrate on the daily routine of busy family management.  as i add the cream to my soup, watching it thicken, my mind wanders to your cream, your thickness. how eager i am to guzzle what you serve me, even while i delicately tease you into tormented arousal.

with every application of spf 15 lipbalm, the trace of my open mouth is likened to your precum as i smear it over my lips using your swollen plum head as my magic application wand. i could do it every day. tease you with my lips. glimpse up to see you watching me as i use your cock as my plaything. as i use it to tease myself as i suck and lick you until you can’t control your desire to sit still and simply enjoy what i am doing. i want to push you  to the edge and hold you there as use my tongue to sway the balance you are so desperate to hold.

by the time you are ready to throw me onto my back and mindlessly fuck me back into a place of subservience, I want you to know how it feels to lack control and want to be inside me so badly, that it hurts your prick to be in contact with air and not be held inside the velvety softness of my sweet honeyed pot, by my iron grip. i want you lost to that moment. to be feral. to use my sweet softness to hold onto as you lose yourself to the mysteries of a mindless orgasm where nothing but the touch of my body keeps you grounded to earth.

i want you to lose your breathe and lose your heart as you spill yourself deep inside of me. i want to feel you throbbing and jerking, as the weight of your balls start to come back down to slap my ass from the tightness which preceded their boiling over. i need you to fuck me hard and take from me what i withheld for so long. punish me for the sin of abstinence when you ached to use my body as a way to serve your sensual soul and eager body. take me. all you have to do is let me suck you. it will start it all.

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