pushed away, pushed to stray

married couples pair up for convenient sex. along with the whole love yada yada yada thing. when life gets busy, when deadlines loom, when lives are shifting and new jobs are starting, the convenience of fucking the person you happen to be laying naked next to, is exceptionally appealing. it’s not like you had time to shave your legs or do your hair. you are freshly showered and all soft skinned and you fall naked into clean sheets. you’re tired. the relief you feel at simply laying down is just christmas morning as a kid, awesome. and it comes to mind, that it would be so nice to simply and softly be rocked and fondled, swayed and laid, before you drift off into sleep. sounds simple. but it’s not when your partner is not interested in you sexually. it turns the idea into sad awareness that his low to non existent sex drive will be the reason you make time for another man inside your bed.

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3 Responses to pushed away, pushed to stray

  1. kdaddy23 says:

    Which is why you improvise, adapt, and overcome instead of suffering through forced celibacy due to an uncaring partner. If you don’t wanna fuck me, someone will want to…

  2. hope says:

    You write what I feel, need,want, think. Thank you!

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