men couldn’t take real puberty

Men really have no idea how fun it is to be a woman. We’re a walking petri dish that can grow so many things besides bacterial vaginosis, including but not limited to, another person. Even a trans gendered man transitioning into a woman, doesn’t have to go through the hormonal fluctuation associated with a chromosomal woman with reproductive organs.

This topic, of normal bodily functioning, should be covered in school, in a girls only setting, by the time kids are in grade 3 or 4 so they can be prepared for the changes their bodies will go through. Boys can be caught up with actual information by grade 7, so they have an idea into the mysteries of why women act like they do at certain times. Girls aren’t mean all of a sudden for no reason, they just have to deal with pain a lot.

Living with pain, discomfort and reproductive issues for the majority of the month, takes a mental tole, especially when it’s new and unfamiliar. Once you realize this hormonal cycle thing is actually going to stay around for the rest of your adult life? Well, hello to the first time you have to deal with depression, because all of a sudden, things got real; it sucks and seems massively unfair.

Men get erections and random ejaculations at night and women get tortured with cramps, stirrups to expose yourself seemingly all the time, bleeding to death, getting up at 3am to wash sheets and shower, iron supplements which lead to constipation, a body that betrays you with vaginosis and yeast infection treated with vaginal suppositories and external creams and all you want is one week, JUST ONE WEEK, where you feel ‘normal’ and not like a walking medical experiment and you HOPE it occurs during your vacation so it’s not ruined by what you’ve come to discover, is a normal life for a woman of reproductive years.

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