love sees no gender

I am not ‘objective’ and my opinion is heavily biased.  God alone has the right to judge, not people or any man made, man lead religion, and ‘my’ God’ accepts ALL of his children. He does not place restrictions on love. My God is kind, peaceful and compassionate. Love is rare and precious and needs to be celebrated if people are blessed enough to have it in their life because so many don’t. Intolerance speaks of fear and judgement. It reeks of moral platitudes that are the antithesis of the intent that religion is supposed to preach to.

Shining the bright light of condemnation onto people who create drama in the name of their faith, helps to push their dark souls, back into the shadows of the filth that they live with, inside of their hearts and minds. I can not imagine the fear and hatred they have inside of them to make them act so unforgivably towards other people. To reject a family member because you do not approve of who they love, to me, is unforgivable. I truly feel sorry for these obviously uneducated people who have no true understanding of humanity and compassion. The sad part is they are so obnoxiously lost, that nothing anyone will ever say, is going to change their attitude or adjust defective personality traits that so many people of find disgusting.

Communities need to be pulled into a discussion and given the opportunity to make a stand against evil people who have hateful intentions. My comforting thoughts and prayers are for the loving members of families and social circle’s who are hurt by the damage this type of ignorance causes. Adjusting to life when a member of their family has a broken and heavy heart, is a hard thing to accept as normal. Communities can help heal them by advocating for them, whenever they hear direct or implied insults towards people who are not carbon copies of what they view as ‘acceptable’.

Speak up when you see or hear someone being cruel to another person, whether it is direct or a subtle slight. Your voice and actions may be the single kind thing that has been done for them and it may mean the world to have some support. Loving someone has nothing to do with your families expectations on who you should love; it has everything to do with who you are fortunate enough to make that kind of connection with. It’s so rare, so precious and can be so fleeting, that people should celebrate it instead of fearing how others will view it.

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