autism milestones

The Autism spectrum is like viewing the changes of color inside of a rainbow. Everything blends together, so that nothing is truly distinct or separate. Minute changes, refract light differently, dramatically changing the outcome of any given situation.  Along the path of our parenting journey, we learn to see miracles in the small things, that others often take for granted. Rather than regretting what we do not have, we take joy in experiencing those little miracles, every day.

It might be a moment of prolonged eye contact or a real and heartfelt hug. It could be spontaneous laughter at an appropriate moment, at a joke told by a family member. It could be waking up before your child, on a Saturday morning after getting an unexpected, full night’s sleep. Maybe they chose to sit beside you on the sofa or ask if you need help cooking the pizza you’re making for dinner. None of these things come naturally or easily for a child with autism.

It could be the joyful feeling of having directions followed the first time you give them or a week that you realize there were continuously clean trips to the bathroom and basic hygiene needs were met independently and without direction. It could truly be as simple as trying the cauliflower once again and not melting down because it was on their plate. For parents who have kids on the autism spectrum, it truly is the little things, that mean everything.

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2 Responses to autism milestones

  1. Ned's Blog says:

    All so very true, RM. Raising a child with autism requires seeing life in a completely different way if you are to communicate and grow together. My son has been in my life for 11 of his 16 years. Yesterday, I showed him how to shave. It’s taken a long time to build that kind of trust, and it’s because of what you said so eloquently here: recognizing, appreciating and acknowleding the small things. His coming into my life has been the must rewarding, frustrating, exhilarating, agonizing and amazing part of my life.

    • rougedmount says:

      it’s amazing how people find each other. i’ve said it before, but how you love her children, is one of the reasons she loves you. talk about fate intervening when it was supposed to. “sometimes i thank God, for unanswered prayers”

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