salty service

beautiful man. get down on your knees and serve me. as i throw my hair back over a wet and salty shoulder, i place my hand upon your head in beatification and close my eyes as i raise my face to the bright blue sky; i grant you access. to all the sweetness of my body, even as i thrust myself forward to forcefully press my lips against yours. inhale me. consume me. for i am all that you desire as i gloss your pretty mouth, and smother you between my shapely thighs. stay there long enough and i’ll let you push me into the horizon, where the sun sets and the final burst of brilliant light flashes a mystical green on the caribbean sea and my cries are drowned in the rush of ocean waves, as they crash over your broad shoulders.

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6 Responses to salty service

  1. kdaddy23 says:

    Damn, may I? Jesus, woman…

  2. paully says:

    Sensual delight

  3. Peter says:

    I am the everlasting rock, seaweed-grown by your incoming tide. Caress my wetness with your silky legs as your gentle swell barely hides in creamy foam. Let me explore your deepest secrets below the unbroken surface where your treasures remain since time began. There, I will feast on your precious forbidden fruit, and, eventually, exhume the pearl of your virginity.

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