trash to treasure

it’s so easy for you to forget me under the pile of debris you create. i am nothing but collateral damage. a broken chair you forgot you had. a tattered piece of lace placed under piles of books and tossed correspondence; compressed and hidden beneath mundane and ordinary items of no worth. you fail to see things like i do. i have a poets soul. i speak the language of beauty and passion. while you live in a world of grey and linear thoughts which are absolute and have no bearing on the truth.

truth. my side. your side. yet your truth is a lie you tell to yourself. so even if mine is skewed by emotion it can never understand or accept your version as it is inherently wrong. there can be no compromise when someone is being damaging to a relationship by not understanding how they act and what they do, impacts how the other person will feel about them. once a liar is caught, everything they say is circumspect. and if you do not question it, then your judgement is flawed and you are as at fault as they are for not addressing their lies.

knowing this truth and acting upon it, are two very separate things. and it’s easy to forget the harm another causes you, when you are busy letting go all the hundreds of little hurts that accrues at your feet, so that you can function on a daily basis. compromise. it takes two people practicing it for  a successful relationship to work. when it is only one person, continuously giving giving giving, then it is taking advantage of them. of their nature, of their need for peace, of their need to promote stability at all costs, even their own sanity.

because it damages you. living like an unwanted thing which was once beautiful and needed. created over time into a delicate pattern of complexity, your purpose is lost, your value is diminished and as the dust accumulates, fading your crisp and lovely facade, the only thing that remains is the hope that once day, you will be found by someone who understands the craftsmanship which went into your creation, as they lift the rubble from you and proceed to care for you like the treasure they perceive you to be.


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2 Responses to trash to treasure

  1. paully says:

    You’re not the only one. I know that’s no comfort to you, but there are other people, and they’re going through similar things. I hope you find others to talk to and I hope it helps you. X

  2. Liras says:

    The melancholy of hurt; you have described it perfectly.

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