how to love

the thing is, no one said when you love someone, it must be returned. it certainly have to be returned in equal measure. there is this magical idea of what should happen with emotions and when it fails to occur, people tend to react and work through it; they suffer, they hurt. and then hopefully they grow up and realize that when you love someone it is a gift to yourself. it is selfless to love someone who doesn’t return it the same way you love them. and it takes time to adjust to. you can accept the relationship for what it is. with the conditions it has, and you can be okay with it. you don’t have to be lost inside a love which is not returned the same way. it can free you to understand that there are many types of love you are capable of. and none of them are the right way or the wrong way, to love.

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6 Responses to how to love

  1. We all need to be loved though.

  2. dievca says:

    Thank you for the reminder — it’s struggle though, sometimes, when you are not really equal in the amount. Different, ok~

  3. Liras says:

    My hope is that people receive the love they need, not just what they want.

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