heterosexual chameleon

i am a chameleon. a decidedly delicious, deviant and delightful sexual chameleon. i am not bi-sexual. i am heterosexual. and inside of that spectrum is a wonderful world of needs and wants, of desires and fetishes, of preferences and tantalizing variety. what arouses people are as vast as anyone’s imagination; and i have a very large and active imagination. it is perhaps my most interesting quality.

i view the arousal factor of my partner as something that i need to learn as a chemist studies what will or will not create a combustible and explosive reaction. i want to take what they need and magnify it, inspire it and make them accede into something spiritual when it comes to letting themselves go into the recesses of their darkest needs, their most secret selves. i am the light that brings them through and the beacon they have sought their whole sexual lives to find.

i don’t just want to please men, i need to. at the core of who i am is a woman who fulfills her obligations to not just my sexual identity, but my soul, by supporting, by guiding, by helping him grow into a better man who understands why he wants what he does and how to temper that against what he can have. men are my most beautiful and artistic extension of who i am. i always leave them in far better shape than i found them in. lovingly restored by sensual hands.

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5 Responses to heterosexual chameleon

  1. Well this was a delightful read. I find you even more intriguing now. 😉

  2. Being a natural switch is fun and rewarding, Huh? 😉

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