give a little, get a little

this would be about the 5th day that my husband has brought me a cup of herbal winterberry tea that is the most lovely shade of vermilion, after he has come home from work. so as he placed the cup down on the side table as i sat on the sofa, i reached for his belt as he was straightening up.

i slowly pulled the belt apart and jerked it to loosen. i unsnapped and unzipped him, his groin inches from my face and pulled apart the denim and pulled down his boxers to expose his small, soft penis and take him into my mouth. i proceeded to suck him hard, to use lips and tongue as i bobbed my head and used my hands to stroke him.

he quickly started thrusting forward, holding my head and burying his fingers in my hair as he face fucked me. his entire penis was inside my gaped mouth so that the wet sloppy sounds of a throat being fucked sounded loud in the quiet family room. spit slimed from my full pink lips, dripping in long threads down my chin and onto my chest.

mouth closed on him, suctioning, laving, milking and giving him friction, only to open my mouth wide so he could bang his cock head against the back of my throat. tighter,faster, harder he lost control and started shooting his load, his thick creamy load. pumping rivulets of spunk which i swallowed as quickly as he came and immediately he went flaccid and tiny again.

i looked up at him, over his fully clothed body, as his body finished the last quivers of pleasure at the last flick of my tongue while spit and spunk dripping from my chin, slowly gathered on my chest and I said “thank you for the tea” as i snapped the band of his boxers back over his soft cock and sat back into my seat, reaching for the steaming cup of fragrant tea.

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6 Responses to give a little, get a little

  1. kdaddy23 says:

    Winterberry tea, huh? So noted…

  2. pantiewearer says:

    Not bad, not bad at all! You are a possessed woman and remind me of my wonderful wife. She has done the same thing to me for similar reasons (i.e. clearing the table, doing the dishes, etc.) over the years. Most men do not realize the most expeditious road to a woman’s heart is so simple…………..just worship her. Your life will change in so many positive ways, worship your wife all day, every day.

    • rougedmount says:

      seems rather straightforward doesn’t it? the issue with most men is they forget they are no longer little boys and that their wives are not their mothers, to attend their every need in a childlike fashion. be a man and know the value of the woman you have, and she shall reward you with access to her heart and body.

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