past present penis’

it’s raining men in my life. or the men of my past have spring fever and are eager to rut after a mild winter. i often wonder what precipitates the contact. issues at home? boredom? lack of sex obviously. men who are sexually satisfied simply do not think about other women in a way which is real and contact them in an attempt to resume the relationships they had.

they miss the sex. they miss my oral skills and they want a sloppy, wet blow job. they want to smack my wide ass and pull my long hair. they want my tightness and they want my responsiveness. they want my adventurous spirit in bed and willingness to play with toys. they want to massage me with oils and feel my wet naked body in the shower after making me a sweaty and sticky mess.

it’s not like it’s the first time they’ve contacted me. in fact, they do so with regularity, some more than others. but then days like today make me smile, when all of them message me, all saying the same things and needing the same comforts of my body. all wanting to suckle me and play with heavy heaving breasts and tight pink nipples. all wanting to kiss me and have my mouth tease theirs.

demanding men eager to please me. wanting to lick me and slip long fingers deep into the gloriously wet pussy they know i have. wanting to service me, needing to please me, wanting to bend me to their will. such variety of individual response and all sharing the same flame of need and want. aching for me. waiting for me. wanting to resume things. to take me into their bed and back into the margins of their lives.

and the thing is…i want it. they are all so different under the veils they show to the world. all so similar in how they respond to and react to me. it would be so easy. so painfully simple to just allow myself the freedom to express myself sexually. to be the wanton woman again. moving between lovers like a  housewife trying to select the choicest piece of fruit or freshest loaf of bread. squeezing and molding it to my hands to feel its shape and weight. testing it with my eyes and nose before lifting it to my mouth.

and i am positive all but one would accept it. they know and understand that they are busy enough with their large families and careers that they can not see me often. they have neither the time or inclination to look for another partner. especially if they can still see me 4 or 5 times a year. basically family men who had been pushed into false celibacy inside of a stale marriage. men who need me and who care about.

and then there are the lovers who have no ties or expectation of monogamy, either from me or themselves. men who have no issue in sipping from the cup of sexual plenty due to their celebrity and their looks. when they have the ability to choose who they want, they still want to come back to me. have me as their staple and supplement their sex lives when possible, with others. considering their size and skill level, it makes it very hard if not impossible to refuse. especially to the one I know who needs me and who I care about.

and then there is the dissenter. the man i know who would not accept my taking the others into my bed and body. he wants more. has offered more. had made changes in his life to support a major life change, if i decided to become single. he worries me. a rough man, blue collar. giving, loving and who finds it hard to express himself. who doesn’t take care of himself in spite of his rock hard body.

i think about the years i have known these men. years. over a decade. and rather than ask why they are contacting me for sex, you would wonder why they wouldn’t. a safe woman they can trust who is not demanding of what they do not want to give and who satisfies them in every conceivable way. a lover who became a friend. who they can be honest with and open about what excites them and worries them. someone who neither judges or criticizes.

and as a highly sexual and sensual woman who arouses them in ways that they think about in the privacy of their marriage beds, they want what they can’t have.  what i’ve taken away and they weren’t ready to give up. and they offer a beautiful bouquet of cock flesh for me to sample from, like Christmas chocolates in a brightly colored tin. how is it possible to simply be satisfied when choosing just one? isn’t it normal to grab a handful of the sweets and be surprised at the individual delights each one brings to your palate?

and heavens knows, i have a sweet tooth.







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16 Responses to past present penis’

  1. kdaddy23 says:

    “men who are sexually satisfied simply do not think about other women in a way which is real and contact them in an attempt to resume the relationships they had.”

    Really? I do think about other women and I have made contact to get it popping again because there’s no such thing as too much satisfaction when you know the woman is most excellent in bed (or just to hang around with). I heard that if you are content with what you have, then something’s wrong because you should always want more of that which makes you happy and not get to a single state and stay there – can’t remember who told me this but they were right.

    So you shouldn’t be surprised that you still should be on a guy’s mind like that; I’ve never had sex with you but just from what I’ve read all these years, if I had, damned right – I’d always try to come back for more no matter how satisfied I am at home.

    • rougedmount says:

      lol..okay..point completely taken…and it makes complete sense..i think my head was basically thinking that in a monogamous sense…when i am sexually focused on one person…it is THAT person i need to satisfy me. Can I have sex with someone else and have an orgasm? yes. but it’s adequate. when it’s with a person who you crave…who you need painfully aware of the limited time you have to take them inside of your body that every coupling becomes urgent and raw, THAT is when you have no real time to think of anyone else.

      • kdaddy23 says:

        That’s better; it speaks to focus or this: There’s the guy you want to fuck and the guy you can fuck and they are not the same things. The one you want to fuck gets your undivided attention and can make you oblivious to the guy you could “merely” screw (and just because you can).

        The thing is that as a married woman, you’re not supposed to have this kind of focus which, of course, doesn’t change the fact that you do; other men bound by a relationship should not have a moment with you pop into their heads and now their desire for you is not only renewed by hard to ignore – that, my dear Rouged, speaks very damned well of you, by the way; as a lover, you are damned memorable and that’s a high form of praise, in my opinion.

        Seriously, with the way you write? Why wouldn’t someone want more of you and regardless to what they might have at home? If they didn’t want you again, that should worry you!

      • rougedmount says:

        wow and you really do help me see things a bit better. And the way i write is not the half of it… shaded nuances that are left unsaid or implied when in reality there was so much more. editing for brevity, for conciseness is not the drawn out play in which i relish and aspire to have. unless the situation needs a tawdry and raunchy blow and go style quickie. sexuality is amazing and far to under represented in the world we live, considering how much space it takes up in our heads. the reason i am a ‘good’ lover has nothing to do with my body and everything to do with my mind.

      • kdaddy23 says:

        Oh, I know it’s your mind and that’s what drives everything and gets guys coming back to you when they should be at home tending their knitting! As a man (duh) I know one’s duty is important and no one and nothing should distract us… and it’s a lie or a misconception because women like you can and have distracted us big time – and that’s just how things really work despite what our morality says.

        Then again, if you made yourself that memorable to a guy, ahem, morality wasn’t an issue to begin with, was it? So if there’s someone who can give you a case of tunnel vision or temporary amnesia, wow, baby – just wow. And isn’t it funny how we can find that kind of magic in the places we shouldn’t tread?

  2. darkgemdom says:

    Maybe it’s a full moon
    Consider would you….that there are those who wait for the prey to come to them?
    There are many different wolves. Some wait


    • rougedmount says:

      isn’t that the truth? and i have played a very dangerous game with one of them. purposefully teasing a man who holds me accountable every time i frustrate him and who never forgets. he is the only man who challenges me and who i can not control sexually. in public, it is my domain and i am horrible to him in arousing him so that he builds his frustration to levels that make me regret it once he is alone with me. i push his control to the edge. and he hates it enough to punish me for it. he waits. and our impasse has been because my control is as strong as his. which arouses him and is why he wants me. believe me. he is a very hard man to resist so i am sure it rarely if ever has happened before me.

  3. acquiescent72 says:

    Naughty 😉

  4. Karin says:

    I’m still nursing the first coffee of the day and so, short on words other than: yes, yes, agree and me too! Ex’s abounding and the only difference for me is, my dissenter is the most rangy of the lot.

  5. One of my former lovers would contact me just before her period, usually around the full moon. I too was ready even thicker and stronger around that time. Great sex for two days as lovers, then return to obscurity for the rest of the month. Even now with ED, the full moon provides a more natural thickness obviating the need for V.

  6. darkgemdom says:

    Dammit girl….you’ve stirred up the herd!

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