sniffle sniffle hack

exhausted. brutal head cold. add a 4 day migraine that i thought was just dehydration/sinus pain and pressure that turned into a bad headache, as i thought the nausea had to do with the cold/illness. finally realized i should try the prescription medication i have for migraines and inside an hour i felt my brain deflating to normal size. crazy how medication works, isn’t it? i’m going to have to start remembering to actually use it. it’s funny because i don’t do processed foods, i rarely use over the counter medication. my entire life, i have done holistic and natural options and they have worked just fine. i’ve never needed anything else. i even use natural cleaning products…lol…why? i don’t know. i just did. i hated the idea of chemicals. man made chemicals. so it was just something i researched and did from the time i was aware there were alternatives. so it feels foreign to me to think about using medication, first. as i headed upstairs earlier, and walked by one of my sons, i said how horrible i felt and how much my head hurt. he said ‘drink lots of lemon water and go have a nap’, which made me laugh as he gave the advice i always gave to him, back to me.

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9 Responses to sniffle sniffle hack

  1. Gary Lum says:

    Get well soon. I haven’t felt the best today. I hope tomorrow is a better day for both of us.

  2. I hope you feel better soon! I am glad I saw your comment on another blog and was able to click over to your blog. Happy to see you still at it!

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