choosing size

The reality is, if you are a man with a small penis, then no matter how hard you might want to be a dominant man in bed, it’s just not going to happen. You can be as verbally or physically assertive as any other male, but when it comes to commanding a woman in bed, of taking her, it is impossible.

If you try to continue and ‘act’ as if you are swinging a big cock and are sexually powerful, it can be exceptionally awkward and uncomfortable to everyone involved. Worse, it could trigger the woman’s laughter which would be detrimental to the entire situation. Her laughter might then trigger male anger or embarrassment.

A man with a small penis can be good at a thousand things in regards to the sexual interaction with a woman, but being a dominant alpha male is not one of them. As a matter of fact, his ability to perform in every other aspect of sexual pleasure besides penetrative, should be something he is proud of and confidant in. He should know how to service the needs of his partner and be able to do it well.

Does it matter how he does it? Will it matter which type of fetish or kink he utilizes to get her off and to excite himself? No. It doesn’t matter in the least and both of those things are impacted by a variety of his past sexual experiences, both failures and successes. The single thing he can not do, is pretend that he is well hung and can sexually please a woman via penetration.

A man with a small penis doesn’t have the luxury of being lazy. Well, technically he can be, it’s just that if he is, a partner won’t stay with him or will and then find what she needs elsewhere. Many times, the sex becomes more about the sexual honesty of the person you are with, over the act in itself. It is arousing to a woman to be with a man who knows and understands his limitations and then conquers them.

It’s hard to complain about the lack of sexual fulfilment because your partner has a small penis when you are gasping from air after the 3rd orgasm he has given you. By the time he enters you, it should be a welcome relief from the ceaseless pleasure he has brought you up to this point and the calming, soothing sensations of him getting his release should be part of the important sexual aftercare a woman needs as she comes down from the heights he should have taken her.

Most women can live without a partner with a large cock, in the same way people can learn to downsize and live in a smaller space. Bigger does not mean the best fit or a higher quality. Women need to know their partner wants to please them, pleasure them and to desire them. The size of the package isn’t as important as knowing the package has all the necessary parts to use as attachments for something else. The hammer is not more important than the carpenter who wields it.

A man with a small penis needs to stop regretting what he doesn’t have and start appreciating that he has the ability to please a naked partner who is willing to have him do so. He has to serve her needs. He has to be willing to accept that while he can certainly be the initiator, he is not going to be the aggressor. He has to listen to what she wants and then he has to provide it.

He gives his sexuality to his partner and in doing so, he claims his own peace of mind and acceptance that while he has a small penis, it in no way limits him from providing pleasure. If he retreats away in anger or resentment, then he is creating an issue where there should be none. The woman he is with knew and understood the size of his penis before she started a relationship with him. He has to believe the truth she has told him in that she knows what her body needs to be sexually fulfilled more than he does. She chose him for a reason. He should trust that instead of worrying about how he doesn’t measure up in this one facet of their lives.

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7 Responses to choosing size

  1. aaroncauser says:

    Seriously love this. Great writing. Love the simple honesty contained within it.

  2. dievca says:

    Disagree — if your D/s set-up is more mentally-based than sexual, the small penis shouldn’t matter. From the Power Exchange Dominant standpoint, still doesn’t matter.

    • rougedmount says:

      we’ll agree to disagree. anyone can be mind fucked or do it to someone else and a penis (size or even lack of one) has nothing to do with it. i’m talking about the physical act of fucking and using a penis as an extension of a dominant personality trait..not a sexual preference.

  3. pantiewearer says:

    Excellent opinion, clearly written and true. As a man with a very small penis, I adopted many, if not all, of your comments early in my marriage of 45 years. I also learned a very easy way to keep the relationship with your wife exciting, loving and mutually respectful…………..I just worship my wife in every way, everyday.

  4. kdaddy23 says:

    A big dick does not an alpha male make – but one’s confidence in himself to be able to rise to any occasion – and I mean that literally, too – and take care of the business at hand does; I know quite a few big-dicked brothers who are and always will be beta males because their big dick is all they have going for them; alpha males know that women need more than just 12″ inches to insure their happiness, love, and devotion to them.

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