out with the old

it’s always been hard for me to look forward into the new year as i tend to reflect back on the old. as i get older, i find myself wondering where the year actually went, as time speeds up disproportionately. it makes me wonder how fast time must pass for the elderly and if that impacts the quality of their lives.

i always seem to run out of time; time to do things and take part in things. i try to schedule time simply to ensure i don’t miss deadlines and events simply because time crept up and pass me while i was busy doing other things. things that felt important or urgent at the time but not relevant to how i engage with the world.

new years eve tends to be a quiet reminder to me of how fast time moves as we get older, as opposed to being a celebration of the beginning of a new and unmarred year. because it’s simply not true. each year  carries into it the feelings, the events, the weight of the year before and you can not disassociate yourself from it.

take a moment tonight, to simply reflect about what you wanted from yourself last year and what you plan on doing this year to achieve it or to change it. none of us guaranteed to be here next year and i will be thinking about those i lost while filling up my time doing the things that needed to get done simply to live.

i need to spend more time giving myself the opportunity to be joyful. i need to figure out how to let go and move on from past hurts as even when i thought i had, they tended to surprise me this year at how close some of them were to the surface of my psyche. little things matter and they accumulate, so i have to focus on creating more good things to compensate for the bad that has happened.

the only thing that truly matters is how you make people feel and how people remember their encounters with you. your bad day can ripple through and ruin the day of every person you touch with your pain or negativity. You may be the only good thing that happened to a person on any given day. Your smile, your warm words of encouragement, your understanding; all matter and make a difference.

be kind this year. practice smiling and opening doors. give up your seat and leave a bigger tip. when you get good service, shout it out to the entire store. buy a chocolate bar or box of cookies from every kid standing in front of a store selling one. donate to your friends friend on a go fund me account posted on facebook.

buy extra socks and gloves from discount stores and give them to homeless people along with a cup of coffee. decide to BE the difference in peoples lives this year and do it because it’s the right thing to do. remember, the small things DO matter and accumulate. they ripple outward into the world so that kindness is felt and shared because others learn by example what they forgot as they got older and became adults.

life is actually really simple if you are simply grateful that you are alive and that you have so much more than others. we have to value what we have instead of always trying to achieve more and accumulate unnecessary things. what we really need is joy, kindness and gratitude all of which grow exponentially when given away to others.

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8 Responses to out with the old

  1. Yes, a new year seems like a fresh page to start a new story. I notice how quickly the year seems to pass now, especially all the good parts. I look forward to your writing in the new year, it is always worth the time. Happy New Year!!!

  2. mysecretme75 says:

    All great advice.

  3. kdaddy23 says:

    I just keep trying to be the best person I can be, to work with what’s available, and to not worry about things I can’t do anything about and if I can do it, hell, why not? I figure that as I get older, it doesn’t make sense not to do stuff because you really only get a few chances; one takes very seriously the meme that you only live once and it’s best to do whatever and without any regrets or fears of doing it.

  4. Liras says:

    Good wishes to you, for many good things this year. (And always!)

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