write then paste

you know when you write something absolutely brilliant which simply flows with beautiful ease and exposes a glimpse of your soul so you feel a sense of prideful accomplishment even as you are reading it back to yourself and then you accidentally hit a random button of death and delete everything and have no way to bring it back because you wrote in the box as opposed to a word document and then pasting it into the box?

yeah. that.

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14 Responses to write then paste

    • rougedmount says:

      i actually slapped both hands over my eyes as i pulled my hair back from my face, hoping to see it all there, as if i just imagined it…arrrrghhwhimpersigh

      • Gary Lum says:

        The thing is it’ll probably happen again even though we both know there are steps to take to prevent it happening. Especially when a quick paragraph in a note turns into a masterpiece inspired by a period of lucid thought that occurs once in a blue moon.

      • rougedmount says:

        lol..that’s exactly what happened! And I could not forcefully string the same words together again…they were lost to me. Like the scattering debris of a comet tail on the velvet black of a summer sky..

      • Gary Lum says:

        A moment of perfection now lost. Given the excellence of your words in past posts we can only imagine what may have been.

      • rougedmount says:

        why, thank you for that. I often times wonder if people read what i write, so it’s nice to know the words live in other peoples minds for a while. (i assure you it was clear and concise acknowledgement and encouragement for a fellow blogger who had been plagiarized. it was a ‘drop the mic moment’)

      • Gary Lum says:

        I like the variety of your writing. I always hope for you that you will find the satisfaction and happiness in life you desire and deserve.

  1. I hear you. I lost most of a blog post today…..*arse*

  2. Yep, I wrote one of my story sections…I was on fire my mind was spinning, my cock was hard, it was amazing, well for me that is ;). I pressed back instead of space or comma, something on the bottom row of my damned phone keyboard. It went! I thought hit the pen it will ask me if I want to restore… Nope, gone. I have never gone from high to low so quickly!
    They say digital is forever…. Not true!

  3. kdaddy23 says:

    I’ve done that so many times it isn’t funny; sadly, WordPress doesn’t have an “undo” button. As a matter of fact, I did it yesterday when writing my last blog…

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