shaking thighs

when you touch me, so that i ache with need, burning for you

and you gently force your hand between my shaking thighs

so you can pump your fingers into my wetly sloppy cunt

your muscles tense to hold your arms in place

as i try fruitlessly to push it away and finally just submit

i can’t make you stop when you want me to cum again

so you suck my nipples harder and pinch them just enough

you growl your desire, hot breath on my ear and neck as you kiss me

telling me what you are doing to me and what you are going to do

you want me sweaty and panting, to cry against your shoulder

you want to crawl deep inside of me, using your cock to make me serve you

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5 Responses to shaking thighs

  1. Michael says:

    Yes, I know what you mean! 🙂

  2. Sorry, you’re going to have to wait to serve my cock. I’m too busy enjoying pumping my fingers into your wetly sloppy cunt.

  3. Yes. This is great prose reflecting the true feeling a good lover must impose on his woman.

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