getting dressed

I stood for a moment, just staring

Admiring the material and workmanship

Beautiful structure and form of obvious quality

Reaching down, I raised the silk and boning

And snapped the clasps closed

Snugly wrapped around my rib cage

Encased in the elastic stretch

I slipped my arms into each strap

Leaning forward slightly

Lifted first one side then the other

Onto my bare shoulders

I scooped the mound of woman flesh

Forward and into the comfort of the demi cup

Then repeated the process on the other side

Adjusting my bosom into the confines

Even as the support lifted my breasts

Perfectly framing the pale skin

With the black silk and sheer material

With the sweep of a finger inserted along the top

I lifted the gauze running along the edge

So that the pale pink of my areola was covered

And also deliciously exposed

Even as the dimpled flesh hardened

Elongating my nipples so that they too could be seen

Pushed forward and held together

The cleavage of my chest was deep and divine

Rounded, firm globes displayed creamy flesh

Inspiring my hands to trace the lines

Up from my side and under them

So that I cupped the bottom of the soft swells

Before continuing up and over there firmness

Gently pressing them together

Before my hands continued up the bare flesh

To the cool skin of exposed neck and jaw

Moving my long hair to the side

As I flipped it back and out of the way

Turning slowly from side to side

I admired my reflection in the mirror

The dim, filtered grey light of a snowfall

Diffused further through sheers

With the soft sound of Christmas carols

Reaching my ears, from down the hall

I felt like I had just wrapped myself

A gift of silken skin and delicate lace

Secretly hidden under the cashmere

Of my waiting sweater

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4 Responses to getting dressed

  1. Michael says:

    A beautiful present…waiting to be unwrapped.

  2. Lovely prose to use this season.

  3. Chris says:

    Your words offer a warm feeling on a cold day.

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