toxic families

seriously. i am at  point where i can’t believe what other people think is acceptable. i am at the junction of ‘how they think they have the right to lash out and hurt others’ and ‘the ability to not give 2 shits that any potential for the relationship to continue is absolutely done because of their actions.’ awesome crossroads. toxic family members need to be removed like the cancer they are. if they can’t support you or at the least stay neutral, then cut ties with them. you owe them nothing. certainly, not your peace of mind.

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4 Responses to toxic families

  1. Amen. My first Christmas this year sans toxic Arseholes I have the misfortune to be genetically related to. Ice. Moon. Prison.

  2. Having just read The Woman Invisible’s condition in the hospital, it is very true we need to reduce stress from family and work. Your post is very appropriate.

  3. Amen, for myself and those whom I mentor. My favorite novel is Atlas Shrugged, and in it one of the heroic characters has the most utterly miserable family life and marriage. When he finally chose to have a relationship outside his marriage, I cheered. And when he realized that family gatherings were a forum for him being mistreated, he cut the ties to the mean individuals, and lived much more happily. The emotional carnage caused by family, that I see in the people I mentor, as well as my own weird past … makes it important to get word out to the abused good people of the world, that they have the moral right to walk away from mean people, including and especially family. Whether you’re writing about sexy thoughts or in the pursuit of justice, I love how you think, and how you phrase things.

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