i’m still not talking to you

dear you know who, just a reminder that you suck and I hate not talking to you even though I know it’s necessary and do NOT want you to contact me even though i know you are probably creeping my facebook and reading this post because you miss me as much as i miss you. this silence hurts.

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8 Responses to i’m still not talking to you

  1. kdaddy23 says:

    Wow… talk about a ball of confusion!

    • rougedmount says:

      i let someone into my life who promised to stay there and he was stupid and as a result it’s forced the friendship to end and it’s hurt me as i don;t let people in easily and once i do it’s for life and now i am hurting because of the massive hole in my life as he was a friend/confidant/companion and i miss what we shared/had and know it will never be that way again and it will never have the chance to change to anything else, something different and able to be lived with on both our parts, because now i am part of a deception, part of a withheld truth, a lie and as such can not have a place in his life without upsetting his new partner. and he owes his allegiance to her and not me. she should be the one he is best friends with. and i can not risk her knowing any more about me that she does. as it is i feel exposed and vulnerable, neither of which i enjoy. i am relying on him keeping her happy, to gain her trust back, so she doesn’t lash out at me in anger or frustration. i eel fucked over, exposed and disappointed. and sad.

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