sex talk

tiny charges of electrical pulse tickle my stomach ending up between my thighs even as the tightening of my nipples register that i have heard your voice. chills course along my spine, clenching my ass as i spasm around your imagined hardness, which my body has not forgotten ,despite the eternity since it actually occurred.

i can feel the race of my pulse carrying oxygenated blood to swell my labia lips into magnificent ripeness that demands attention from your hungry mouth and hardened cock. even though it’s hidden from view, i  know the scent is unmistakable to you;  the lust of a ready and willing woman who is wanton enough to succumb to your touch, simply from the tone of your voice.

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4 Responses to sex talk

  1. slave tasha says:

    Oooooh, the power of His voice! 💜

  2. XandrewX says:

    Wow that’s some first paragraph 🙂 the things you learn on WordPress!!!!

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