sexual dominion

i stand behind your seated form, leaning sightly into you so the soft press of my breasts is against your upper arm. i can see your nostrils flare as you turn towards me, eyes raised as you smile your greeting. i continue talking to the man seated across from you, as my long nails trace a light line above the collar of your white t-shirt and across the skin i know is sensitive.

i can feel your back straighten imperceptibly, i see the tenseness strain your shoulders. i know you are practicing restraint as my subtle movement bring the deep v of my cleavage into your line of vision, as i turn slightly to enhance the view, accidentally of course. i laugh at something he said, as my hair falls forward and over your arm as i turn my head to listen to something he said of imagined interest.

i drag my hand down your spine towards your side and can feel the clenching of your stomach ripple through your muscles like a nervous stallion being restrained by the smallest of tethers. i can feel the heat of your body radiating towards me as much as i can feel your building angry lust for teasing you publicly yet completely discretely. i know exactly what i am doing.

and i know exactly what you are going to do to me for making you suffer through my delicate little performance as i pretend to be the one in control. the second you are away from prying eyes, the moment the door closes, you are going to make me regret every single action i had and make me wish to do it a thousand times more. you don’t exact vengeance or take retribution; you push me beyond my ability to take any more pleasure and use my body’s response to you, against me.

it’s only when i cry and beg you to stop; once i am trembling and unable to function, when i cling to you because there is nothing left in the world beyond your body, only then do you comfort me, hold me and remind me that you allow all you do because it pleases you to do so. you let me orchestrate my own downfall because you want to push me into it; just to remind me, prove to me, that you will catch me as i fall. that i’m yours.

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5 Responses to sexual dominion

  1. kdaddy23 says:

    Hell and damnation, I’d let you orchestrate your own downfall in a heartbeat!

  2. You have evoked such a stimulating and enticing feeling in my muscles.

  3. Yes, both my partner and I use words to stimulate each other. The thoughts conveyed provide an electrical response in both of us. Much more pleasant than what we did when we were younger.

  4. Marty says:

    And so it should be!

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