ashes to ashes

how can i bare the absent weight of the hand i dream of touching me until i surrender

my memories linger on the softness of my female responses to his pressure

his lips consume and devour me after his eyes ravage the skin he has bared

endless months of longing have passed by as i yearn and hunger for him

empty and barren, the dry months of denial have left me fragile and tender

it would be so easy to fall into him, allow myself the glorious freedom of being burned

forever scared and marked by the intensity of the sensual fire between us as it licks our skin

i crave the blisters and raised skin, the goose flesh of searing heat as he is poured over me

tendrils of steaming flesh swirl around my arching body until nothing is left of who i was

and i collapse into the hot grey ashes of my past; crystallizing, hardening, destroyed

until bursting from the carnage i emerge into the iridescent brilliance of the sensuality he created

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