don’t take good health for granted

your health is taken for granted every single day that you go about living your life without thinking about it. instead of being mindful of your health, instead of every single day doing things that keep you healthy, we ignore everything until something happens. then we try and play catch up, go into defensive mode, try and fix things. all because we simply don;t live every day thinking about and planning for health.

change it. change how you live. do it now. you are guaranteed nothing. especially nothing beyond the moment you are living in. you don’t have to plan for change, you don’t have to establish anything besides getting up off your ass and going for a walk and eating fruits and vegetables for your next dinner. then do better the next day and teach yourself as you go along. you might not have the chance to fix things, correct your health, unless you start today.

i’ve been stupid. i forgot that being lazy is the fastest way to ask for ill health. i forgot to prioritize myself and i put work first. i forgot that simple things still need to be maintained. so now starts the catch up. the chasing the health i took for granted and ignored. the remembering that i am not 20 with my life of presumed health in front of me with all the time in the world to correct anything if it comes up because this life we have is not long. it’s not long enough. and we don’t have time to be stupid about our health.

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9 Responses to don’t take good health for granted

  1. Gary Lum says:

    As I get older I know this truth every day

  2. Jonathan says:

    hello, i could need some advice. I’m 28 and a student. My gf, 20, asked me to become her cuckold.
    Any advice appreciated. Thanks in advance

    • rougedmount says:

      a. far too much of an age gap
      b. one does not ask a partner to become a ‘cuckold’ as it evolves over the course of a committed and long term relationship, which you currently do not have
      c. complete your education, get a career and create a bond with a partner who will support the sexual choices you prefer

  3. Gary Lum says:

    I haven’t seen you post for a while. I hope you’re okay.

    • rougedmount says:

      i’m ok…just life has a way of shaking people around at certain times and unfortunately i am in one of those times…things will be fine as the cyclical nature of life will eventually swing the other way. no rules as to when that will happen. which means you plan to make it through each portion of your day.until days become weeks and normalcy returns. i’m blessed in many ways and that is what i have to think about. worry serves no purpose but to incite fear and negative imagination. i[‘m not doing that. i just find when too much goes on at the same time, it makes it harder to deal with as much like a boxer in the corner, sometimes you just have to protect your head as the blows reign down upon you, as you hope your will to endure outlasts their stamina.

  4. Great post on self improvement. Your reply comment also addresses your desire to get back on track. Good health helps make self confidence stronger as well giving you a better chance dodging the negative shots. I changed my diet and physical care twenty years ago allowing me to survive through some very trying times. Look out for yourself first, then rest will follow with greater ease.

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