Shut up

Just fuck me

Get behind me and pull up my skirt

I want the sound of your bag slapping my ass

To deafen me

I want the squelching wet noise

Of a cum filled pussy

To fill the gaps of sound between us

I want your grunting pants

Your heaving thrusts

To push me against the wall

As you pin both my hands over my head

In a single one of yours

So the other can milk my heavy breast

With the cold rain sluicing over hot bodies

As you pound me in anger and fear

So that I gasp and cry out

Eager willing wanting wanton

Don’t convince me to give

What I’ve already offered

Just take me hard

Shut up

Fuck me

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7 Responses to STFU and FM

  1. Joel F says:

    Beautiful Poem. If only.

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