cat calls and mascara

as i get older, i have found that i wear less and less makeup. my skin is pale and clear though sprinkled with freckles which immediately identify Scottish ancestry. Especially combined with the blue eyes. as i spend more time at the gym, my hair is up in a messy bun or wetly hanging down my back and covered with a hat and the only thing on my face is spf 60.

which is why when i wear makeup, even a minimal amount, it always amuses me because it is noticed. women come right out and comment on my hair or eyes, like the girl at the drug store check out and the woman at the grocery store; the men in cars and at the bank tend to do double takes or discretely try and cross paths. most men are too afraid to speak up in the politically correct world we live in now.

and then there are the collar men in a group have support to comment especially when you can’t say definitively which on said ‘daaaaaamnnn mamma! um um ummm” as if they just tasted a fine morsel of food. though when i smiled up at them on the scaffolding and thumped my heart, there were at least 2 who clutched their chest while the rest of them laughed good naturedly. i have to say, it made my day.

i tend to forget how i look, dismiss it as irrelevant and it was a nice reminder that even though i am ageing, it is happening gracefully. i will never be mistaken for being in my 20’s again, but it’s nice that the fine lines i have from a life time of smiling show on my face so that others can see someone who lived well and with a positive outlook on the world. skin deep beauty and fades and changes. it’s the heart that really counts.

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2 Responses to cat calls and mascara

  1. Eli Pacheco says:

    It’s so different for a guy, or well, for me at least. I avoid mirrors and don’t have the luxury of cat calls, but I’m also not an ogre. My gauge for aging must remain in how easily I can get out of bed in the morning, physically and emotionally.

    • rougedmount says:

      the ease of getting out of the morning ..and i am not a morning person..i flip flop my way to the washroom and could happily fall face first back into bed and bury myself under pillows and blankets. i make it exceedingly hard for whomever i am with to get up because i tend to do anything i can to stay in the soft mass of comfort for as long as possible. like a at stretching in the heat of sunshine through a window, i slither up and out of bed and look forward to it’s return all day.

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