I remember the clench of your buttocks

As you thrust your hips forward into me

Knowing their shape and muscle definition

Having traced them intimately with my hands

Kissed the firm contours with my lips

And dragged my tongue over the valleys

I know every single nuance of your flesh

Can see the cleft part, so you’re vulnerable

The exposed and delicate bud beckons me

The sprinkling peach fuzz of superfine hair

Gives way to the impossibly soft skin beneath

It’s mine to view and to touch with passion

As the shadows elongate and rise over

Your tightening globes of uniquely male flesh

The rippling rise and tightening of your sack

Create the same sensation inside my stomach

As desire ripples over nerves leaving anticipation

And the lust of wanton thoughts in its wake

The pillars of your furry thighs spread before me

An ancient gateway of submission to my control

The need I have to serve you as I take you

Desperately wanting your arousal to match mine

So that your growling need overcomes my panting

My hand on the small of your back gently guides you

Your body responds awakening in carnal pleasure

As I burn for you to touch me, as I am touching you

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