distracted when cooking

I’ve reached an age where I burn things on the stove. I simply forget that I am cooking as I move onto other tasks. It’s not until a pot boils dry and the scorched scent of burned food reaches my nostrils, that I wonder about what I am smelling and where it could possibly be coming fr…..OMG! I’m cooking!!!! I forgot about the  (insert whatever it was ..here..)

Again? Seriously? I forgot again? I am thinking the reason so many senior facilities have a kitchen livingroom combination is so that you can sit on the sofa, look up and see the pot on the stove and wonder, why the pot is there? And as you get up and see the food, it triggers you to remember that you were indeed making lunch before you answered a cell call, and changed the TV onto the news station, which made you pick up the ipad to look up related articles about what you just heard, so you posted it to your child on facebook, and your grandchild saw you were online so skyped you to say hi.

ALL stoves should have a reminder timer which automatically sets itself, once you turn on an element. After reaching temperature, like your oven does, the timer should ring. This would remind you that over your shoulder or in another room, you have water that is silently being boiled away to leave the charred remains of your lunch permanently etched into the sides of the $175 gourmet chef’s pot you thought you’d treat yourself to when they went on sale after Christmas for half price.

I knew I just should have eaten a pickle and the last slice of pumpkin pie leftover from Sunday’s dinner.

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4 Responses to distracted when cooking

  1. Shalom says:

    Haven’t gotten there yet, but i know the time is creeping up…

  2. Myworld says:

    I tend to forget because 3 girls keep me busy and I just forget…lol…what I do now…is put the timer from the oven whenever I put anything on the stove so at least I get a beep at some point :).

    • rougedmount says:

      I have the same busy household…and it is my intention to put the timer on…and i do….when i remember…which is why having it automated would be perfect. i think as our population ages, you’ll see this as a feature on stoves.

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