finding the words

i found a book i used to write in, filled with 25 year old ideas and commentary about the world and my life’s situations. i don’t even remember who i was then, so the words are as foreign to me as if written by someone else. yet they exist. they were real once upon a time. someone else could have stumbled across them in another 25 years and wondered at the type of person I was and how I loved and lived my life.

it makes me think about this digital world we live in now. will there be  a permanent record of what we write for all of time or will the words scatter to never be read again, should technology fail? i miss how a pen felt as it made the harsh drag across paper. Hearing the scratch of ideas present themselves. the bold stroke of reordering, removing, as free falling ideas scrambled upon their entry into the world, to be masterfully organized, once they landed on the page.

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4 Responses to finding the words

  1. Jeffrey says:

    Still love pen to paper. The keyboard, virtual or real, is a block for me as I can not type as fast as I think. Then it goes digital as there’s always the possibility of the coffee catastrophe..

  2. HemmingPlay says:

    I suspect pen and paper will make a comeback, at least partially, the way vinyl records have. I also suspect that the headlong rush into the new technical chic over the past 25 years is starting to slow as we find out where the limits are (can’t remember all my passwords; hacked banks, movie companies and the Pentagon). But a diary with a little lock on it (that your possible brother could pick at age nine) is still going to be useful.

  3. Liras says:

    I love the feel of paper under my fingertips as I write, just as much as I love the crackle of pages turning.

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