exit review

what’s the point of having a thick, well hung, beautifully shaped and perfect 9 inch cock if you have ~~~~~noooooooooo~~~~~idea how to use it. none. zero. not that size alone should be an indication of performance but don’t t you think it’s almost the inherent responsibility of a well endowed man, to at least know how to control it and use it for something besides masturbation and pissing?

the disappointment is magnified by the disparity between expectations fueled by  his size and the reality of his meager performance. and ~~~why~~~would a man who is so bad in bed, ever think he has a chance for a return to ‘make amends’ when he failed just so absolutely the first time around? seriously, is that the impression you want to leave a woman with? of an adult man whose performance would embarrass a teenage boy who had been drinking all weekend.

advice for all men: touch her. you have a naked woman beside you. act like it matters to you and touch her. kiss her after she gives you oral sex. it’s your cock, your cum. if you can not abide your own taste off the lips of the woman who is giving you oral sex, then you have no business, absolutely no business, having an adult sexual relationship. your big cock does not entitle you to anything. not reverence, not cock worship, not even a second chance. at best it was an entry key enabling you to get in.

considering the fact you had no idea what to do one you got there, you can count on the fact that the locks have now been changed and you simply don’t have a second chance for a first impression. to be honest, i feel badly for you. it must be somewhat embarrassing to constantly let down every single woman who allows you into their body. and really, there is not even an incentive to give you a ‘mercy fuck’ because you have the equipment other men would kill for and you let it go to complete waste because of being lazy.

you are a prime example of why men who have a smaller penis should not worry about their size IF they are committed to putting in the effort to please and pleasure their partner. you need to not be so cock centric. the most dominant of men, the most demanding and experienced of men know that they get access to what they want, they control what they need, because they love pleasing a woman because it increases their own pleasure.

it’s not something you’ve ever learned and it’s why you suck as a lover. goodbye.

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