accidental masterbation

the jerk of your cock as you masturbate against my swollen flesh, aroused me

how long had it been since you last touched me in a sexual way?

of course, you could not get hard enough to actually penetrate me

but my sensitive skin had been starved for even the meagerest of touches

and your ejaculation against my swollen lips was enough to force my orgasm

as if it were no more than an irritant inside your nasal passage making you sneeze

it wasn’t your skill, erotic ministrations or even your attention that made me cum

basically, it was nothing more than a nocturnal emission created from unnatural denial

my flesh is weak, even though i choose to deny its call to satisfy myself on a regular basis

though i have to wonder why i even try to maintain a monogamous situation with you

when it does not, can not, will never work in the way most people are used to seeing it

your dismal sexual response, your inability to perform, your refusal to discuss options

leave me sexually abandoned into a vile celibacy that you force on me and which i resent

there are times i feel i am going to go crazy from lack of human contact and gentle hands

casual contact which leads to sexual awareness and natural responses to a mans arousal

i am not ashamed of my need to be kissed or my craving for a mans lips against my skin

it’s time that i find someone who wants more of my time and less of my sexual skills

so i have the emotional  sensations of being appreciated for my need to pleasure a man

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