“i found a guy for you, if you want to go ahead with that 3-sum we were talking about. no gay stuff though.”

mentioned as part of the fantasy list of things that turn you on, a 3-sum tends to be high on the list for a person who is very sexual. the idea of having twice the availability of what you want, concurrently, especially when you are more than adept enough to handle them both, extremely erotic.

“i see. and who is he.”

i was curious to see how a group of men lead into a conversation about the participation in a menage et trois and actually confirm the potential participation in it and so i lead the conversation towards discovery. a friend of a friend, sharing information over beer and  a campfire, disclosing the dismal state of intimacy of his own marriage and a potential solution is offered to resolve his sexual frustration, if he was so inclined.

“do you want to see a picture of him”

after receiving a head and torso picture of an attractive gentleman, who just happens to look very similar to the original, it wasn’t hard to tell they shared a same ethnic as well as social background, both being tall, well built blonds with square jaws and long lean muscles. the second picture showing his thick, flaccid 9 inch, shaved package was a little surprising, albeit quite welcome.

“i gather you trusted him enough to tell him you’ve found a solution to your own marital sexual issues; what did you share about me and did you discuss how it would work between us all?”

apparently, he isn’t as shy talking about his sexual wants and needs with a buddy over beer as he is with a half naked woman in lingerie, specifically the woman he is doing the sexual things to and with, and about something as straight forward as a male female male sexual encounter because the focus is simply going to be all about me.

“i’ll consider it”

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4 Responses to options

  1. kdaddy23 says:

    I’d love to know what happened…

  2. myarousal says:

    I like 3-sum’s. I don’t like restrictions although observing boundaries always seems to be the deal breaker for me.. For me it’s still about trust and feeling one with all three parties. I’m Bisexual, so if it’s two guys and one girl, I feel odd if the other guy is the least bit homophobic…..he doesn’t have to be Bi…..but if he said…..”No gay stuff though,”…..I would sense that an accidental “sword fight” might turn stupid and wreck the mood…….

  3. Damn , to be tall and blond:)

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