not my issue

i hate the lies you tell yourself

when you say them to my face

as if i don’t know the difference

between what you’ve said

and what you’ve done

a thousand thousand times

i’ve said your words hold no value to me

when you talk about the potential of actions

you plan on doing and never follow through with

what you say is a meaningless waste of words

of passive aggression that inspire my anger

you blame me blame me blame me

trying to deflect your issues as mine

and i am so tired of it

so done with it

so over it

and you

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3 Responses to not my issue

  1. willcrimson says:

    he responds:

    the morning
    through the window
    and your
    lipstick is redder
    than blood in the white tiled bathroom
    and there is
    the smell of come
    on your tongue but I
    tell myself
    its only
    coffee even though you haven’t made
    and when you go
    into the shower
    your thighs are dripping though you haven’t
    started the water
    and I tell myself the lipstick is for me
    and your
    knees are bruised and
    your hips too and I blame
    myself but it’s
    your fault
    I blame myself
    and I tell you I’ll
    but you have to change if you
    want me to
    and I tell myself you won’t leave me because I
    would never
    treat you like that though when I ask
    where you were
    last night? you ask me how long I stayed up
    before I
    fell asleep.

  2. rougedmount says:

    i’ve given you the ammunition to use against me
    so you withhold exactly what i ask for and need
    you push me away consistently and on purpose
    forcing me to make the decision
    so you don’t have to own your sexuality
    and it lets you keep your juvenile response
    to a grown woman’s physical desire for intimacy
    pretending it was out of your control
    even as you orchestrated the situation
    resulting in my actions
    the only thing you forgot to do
    was hide the erection it gave you

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