people annoy me

i am so tired of stupid people. are there more of them around or is my tolerance at an all time low? i’m irritated. persnickity. moody. annoyed. i am probably coming across as short tempered. which i am. because it seems the entire world is just beyond stupid right now. maybe it’s the heat. people are probably not sleeping well and are over tired, over worked or over stimulated. they are walking distractions with an inability to focus or say coherent things or follow simple directions. like ‘stop talking’ or ‘go away’. i want to go to bed until fall.

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5 Responses to people annoy me

  1. There is a lot of that going around

  2. Seeking Zen says:

    I’m pretty sure stupidity is contagious and that it is the contagion that’s killing this country. I feel your pain.

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