no satisfaction

my need for a strong, sexually aggressive and confident man has never been more apparent to me than it is now. i do not respond to men who are simply in the middle. i either have to have absolute control and be the dominant one, or i need to be  completely taken by a male animal who knows what he needs to do to me, which instantly makes me respond to him. i have no middle ground for tepid lovers. none.

it does not matter if he has a glorious cock and has wide masculine hands. technically, he can be rather sound in performance as well as have the control i need to actually enjoy the sexual encounter because he can and does, keep up with me.  but sexually neutral is not inspiring. it is reminiscent of the groping eagerness and inexperience of high school boys who finally have access to their first girlfriends. and i don’t respond to it.

of course, i enjoy it for what it is, but it mentally can not draw me into the sexual response i am capable of and need. i need to lose myself in sex. my body needs to be owned by his hands and mouth. if he can not make me an extension of his desire then while i find sex pleasurable, it is by no way, satisfying. it’s like being asked to ride the kiddie rides at the fair, after riding the massive roller coaster for the first time. you simply can’t go back to finding the thrill in the smaller rides any longer.

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8 Responses to no satisfaction

  1. kdaddy23 says:

    Make me some clam chowder… then hang on for your life…

  2. Domina Jen says:

    I can definitely relate (although, obviously, I am always the one in control). But you’re absolutely right, there has to be passion there, there has to be the desire for a man to completely throw himself into it, whether he’s the one being claimed or the one doing the claiming. Indifference and neutrality are relationship-killers for me.

  3. I have worried about this kind of ruination, with the Roman. And I’m not the only woman that has this problem, apparently…one of his clients ‘tipped’ him with a Mercedes Benz, a Rolex and paid for his divorce. And I can understand why…

    • rougedmount says:

      the issue with raising the sexual bar with someone who uses your body as if it’s their own, is it’s impossible to be content with substandard attention afterwards. even if it’s good…it’s simply good… when you have a clear understanding of what amazing actually is.
      i would rather have had it and miss it the rest of my life, than never have experienced it at all.

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