changing choices

sometimes i think we become so deaf to listening to the little whispers we hear from our soul, that when it starts to shout at you, our first reaction is distress and disappointment instead of acceptance and gratitude. we forget how to live an authentic life with meaning as we become caught up in taking care of other people and prioritizing the needs of others who really do not matter in the long run, over those who are in your life in an actionable way. secret lives are not worth the weight of strain they place on fragile backs and minds. finding your way back into the truth of your life, is a simple matter of making a decision to change.  to value yourself. human nature wants us to look back for what we had instead of forward into an unknown future, looking for things we need. the truth is, all we really need is a single connection with someone who helps us see the value we have inside of ourselves. instead of always wanting to help someone else find their potential, we need to recognize the need for our own peace. it’s not wrong to place your needs first. sometimes it’s absolutely necessary.

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3 Responses to changing choices

  1. Annie B says:

    Beautifully stated.

  2. ismeisreallyme says:


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