fighting for control

do you think it matters to me, that you simply want a sexual relationship with me? did it ever occur to you that i am using you for your sexual skills as well? you use your cock like a master magician and can manipulate my body into multiple wracking orgasms that leave me shuddering for a week after we’ve been together.

you leave me with tender skin, the faintest of bruise, the most delicate of sexual injuries that mark me as your sexual equal.  imagine us in bed. imagine your hands slapping my ass, pinning me underneath you and stopping me from pushing your hands away. Imagine holding me firmly, not letting me up, making me take you over and over again until i am swollen and tender.

you want my lips as swollen as my pussy. you want my neck as bruised as my cervix. you want my nipples aching from the hard suckling and you want me to beg you to stop. you want to pleasure me until i cry and beg you to be easy with me. because you won’t. you can’t. you want me destroyed by your lips, mouth, hands, cock and body until i am mindless, until i surrender, until i give you control.

and then you give yourself to me. once there is nothing of who i am left, nothing of resistance or challenge. once i have given everything you demanded i take, that’s when you come to me and let me inside of you. when you lose yourself in me. when you forget to run and hide from who you are and what’s between us. when i am weak and broken, that is when i have full control over you. it’s why you fight so long and hard to take it and keep it from me.

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16 Responses to fighting for control

  1. Annie B says:

    Hot and fantastic . . .

  2. kdaddy23 says:

    Nice… damn, that was nice…

  3. Very erotic and hot! I just wish wifi was better in the bathroom! LOL

  4. Marty says:

    You’re good for each other

  5. Ena says:

    I was with someone like that once. Every single word is true, and the result is… was marvellous.

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