after the storms

i ache. there is not a muscle which is not seeking relief from being overused, strained and asked to out perform itself. i am tired. bone deep, could fall asleep if I laid down on the floor at a city mall or beside carnival rides at the country fair. my wonderful friends who know what i need in times of trouble, took me out dancing.

and we danced. we danced until we were sweaty, wet, hair plastered, clothes soaked, exhausted. we danced every single song and sang as loud as we could to as many tunes as we remembered. danced until we could not breathe the humid air without drowning in super hot, super charged electric current we swam in.

i was thrumming, alive with music that beat from inside of me so it reverberated through every cell in my body, pushing all the negative, all the horrible, out. it purged me of the negative and filled me with the light of music as it pounded me against every note until i was washed clean and re-born into my natural self again.

fitting day of rest, falling on a sunday. today i seek water to soothe my soul and fill my head with gentle natures sounds as i kayak up the lazy river. there is rest for me here. peace in the valley. delight in the heated sun and brilliant blue sky. this is how life should be, filled with the sweetness of exertion in the calm after the storm.

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4 Responses to after the storms

  1. I love the style you wrote this with, rouged. Your writing rocks! I’m also glad you had a great time with friends – nothing like it – to de-stress.

  2. Annie B says:

    Exactly! Love this ❤

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