i hate the heat

the current temperature in my city is ‘are you fucking kidding me’ with humidity sitting at ‘omg! i cant take it anymore!’ i want to lay naked on an ice flow and make ice angels in the melting puddle underneath my sticky, sweaty body while sucking on a slushie as  someone sprinkles snow on me. at least when it`s cold you can always add another layer.

heat makes me cranky. when you are hot, unless you can stay in the water you are screwed as you an only get naked and only in an acceptable place that’s socially acceptable. i am a fall girl. or a spring. i like cool, misty rains and heavy thunderstorms. i like wearing sweaters and snuggling under quilts. not smelling myself 2 minutes after leaving the water for the 20th time in a single day. even the wind is scorching.

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17 Responses to i hate the heat

  1. diversion says:

    I feel your pain. Too hot for me in my city too.

  2. kinkydesoto says:

    DItto! It’s equally sweltering where I am and it sucks. Make it stop. Please!!!

  3. It’s so hot here too. Sweating non-stop. I do like your image of making ice angels. Let’s go with that. 🙂

  4. Kevin says:

    I hate to say this…but I love the heat during the day. Now, at night, I hate it and I’m so happy to have AC in my bedroom.

  5. pbbpb says:

    Chicago is, at present, an armpit- moist, hot, and foul. Trains at rush hour are tuna cans, and the fish has turned. People who look forward to this weather should be drug out into the street and shot.

    • rougedmount says:

      i remember the days i used commuter trains and suffered the tribulations of the unwashed masses myself and fervently do not miss them. the cesspool of humanity hurts the senses

  6. Ray says:

    “swamp-ass” hot here in the Carolinas. Ugh!!!!

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