sexually compatible

the perfect shaft of alabaster white and the ephemeral sheerness of thin velvet skin

smooth as silk without line or vein to mar it’s perfect arch towards his mid section

too thick to encircle with fingers on one hand the symmetry unbroken until his crown

flaring with defined ridge and supple slopes his mushroom head barely a shade darker

how can you see a perfect cock and then not expect to use it for the purpose of self pleasure

to take him in both hands as you drool spittle from darling tongue and a parted full mouth

slowly stroking and manipulating his engorged flesh to simulate the thrust of sexual union

teasing him with the tickle of long hair over skin and heavy breasts brushing up his thighs

sucking him to arouse myself until i sit up and announce to him i am going to ride his cock

and i crawl over his body press my thighs on either side of his hip and come forward

he’s too big to enter without adjustment to accommodate his steady and simple entry

breasts in his face he reaches forward to suckle the puckered and distended nipples

pulling hard with greedy suction with a grasping hand massaging fullness of flesh

he seats himself deep inside so my engorged wet labia is spread against his pubic bone

bringing sighs from both of us with the perfect fit of a thick cock inside a tight sheath

i rise to start the mindless fall and he takes the space back with consistent thrusting

steady and hard he pushes into the heat of my body and against a sensitive womb

he tops from underneath to use his shaft to stroke a clitoris and his head to pound me

instant arching arousal my body responds to his call for wild abandon as I start to burn

a low rumble of orgasm which builds like a cresting and crushing wave as i milk him

sending him spasming in throbbing release as the frothy foam is churned between us

he rides through the storm i started before him and stays hard as my pleasure outlasts

watching my reaction to his shifting hips and the position of his cock as it strokes me

sensitive, i shiver and gasp with  mewl’s of receding desire as he stirs heavily inside

breathing heavily i lift an arm to brush my hair back from my face which lifts by breasts

and brings his hands from my hips up the curve of my waist to cup their spilling weight

before sliding forward to gently pinch the areolas and pull forward to roll the nipples

sending a sparking cascade of shivers through my body as i clenched involuntarily

around his softening member, making him thrust forward and into the sensation

i opened closed eyes and returned the shy smile while his hands found the back of my head

pulling me forward to kiss my lips as he slipped from my body so I could lay beside him

reclined, reposed, relaxed in post coital satisfaction and fulfillment that good sex inspires

while many things may be lacking as far as communication or compatibility between us

this is the single area i am completely satisfied with as his thickly beautiful cock works well

i can handle a powerfully built, very well hung man with a furry chest, who doesn’t talk

his big hands and rough exterior, unsure of how to be gentle when passion flares hard

because when he forgets himself and takes me because he is seeking his own pleasure

that’s exactly how he brings me to mine with the contained violence of a strong man

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8 Responses to sexually compatible

  1. kdaddy23 says:

    Would it all be compatible if the perfect shaft wasn’t, um, so light in color?

  2. georgeforfun says:

    well done, hopefully in a fully air conditioned climate controlled space, (͡• 🔥 ͜ʖ 🔥 ͡•) after all heat stroke can come into play if one isn’t careful in ICFBT weather. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  3. willcrimson says:

    You know, this is what I used to think women/girls were like when I was a young teen — that if you just showed them your cock, they wouldn’t be able to help themselves. They wouldn’t be able to help but get on their knees and suck it. They wouldn’t be able to help but kneel in front of me, lower their heads, and raise their cunts. It would be in the nature of females.

    In other words, women/girls would be just like me. Because, yeah, if one of them had showed me her pussy, I would gotten hard in an instant and would have come before she reached for the zipper. RougedMount, thank you for restoring my faith in my adolescent, women-as-cock-crazed-objects-only-wanting-my-spunk, fantasies. You’re a gem. O my muse, now to write my side of it. =)

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