if you love her

… If you want her physical response to be inspiring, then provide her with the substance to build her desires upon.

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8 Responses to if you love her

  1. kdaddy23 says:

    Ah, my dear Rouged, if only it were that simple. One can provide her with all the substances they can bring to bear for her to build her desires upon… and it’s never enough.

  2. Martian says:


  3. darkgemdom says:

    What if you’re not sure about it being love? Is the emotional investment worth the gain?
    Or does love happen because of the effort?

    Just thoughts through My head this morning.

    • rougedmount says:

      love is a verb. lust initiates the ability to love. love IS a choice. You can choose to love someone whom you know does not reciprocate the feeling. Love is fleeting and rare. When you feel it, you should feel fear because it means you have opened yourself to someone else and that small part of yourself you keep safe from harm is exposed to the actions and reactions of another person. The more you invest, the more the return. It takes both people always giving…for the joy of doing so…to make any relationship work. There comes a time for everyone that you realize you’ve invested and compromised and your partner has not. This is not love. This is taking and parasitic and it sucks you dry if you allow it to go on long enough. There are times to walk away from people you love…and love them no less, but not giving them the chance to leech anything further from your effort.

  4. Ned's Blog says:

    If you can’t keep from touching her, listening to her and wanting to fill her with pleasure and appreciation, then desire has set its foundation in your touch, your words and fantasies. If you can go without any of these things, your foundation of desire is built upon the sand and bound to shift.

    Not until I met my wife did I understand the foundation of true and complete desire.

    • rougedmount says:

      i love hearing that so much,..when 2 bodies click..when 2 souls click..it is not random..it in not chance..it is not chemistry..not any of those alone..it is divine intervention..which is why the sex that follows..is also divine.. all these random people simply having sex..i can feel sorry for them, now that i understand. it is truly not comparable. and you are a very lucky man to have married your bodies mate

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